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Welcome to ten bestest where we sift through the noise so you don't have to each week. We share our ten favourite things of the moment. Anything goes welcome everyone to ten bestest karen mcfarlane holman. And i'm brian hurt. And we've got another great episode. I get to go first. And i'm just going to go right into it. I have for my first cool sheet and innovation. It is three d. printed homes the url the link to find all of the cool sheets that we'll be talking about is ten bestest dot com slash three d. and that's the number three d all right so three d. printed homes. This has to do with three d printing. Neither of us or any of our guests have talked about three d printing. I would say that's a cool sheet right there. But i'm specifically going to talk about three d printing in the context of a way that people can build homes can build. Small tiny homes can build energy efficient homes and can build them very inexpensively so there is an article on a website called interesting engineering dot com. And they've got this wonderful article that shows that seven of the most beautiful. Three d printed houses and cabins and it is so interesting. Not only how they all look so different but all of the different kinds of materials that can be used to three print homes first off a three d. printer and we're all used to printers where it's going down on a two dimensional piece of paper. This is now where you have to use some kind of material like plastic. Those the ones i've seen but it could be some other thing like hemp fabric hours or rice materials or something like that and so it needs to be able to print in three dimensions. Just like what it sounds like and so they do have to have these three d. printers be quite large. They need to be able to sit on different kind of terrain. That could be a different angles. But once they get that setup with their nozzles and being able to print these out you can actually construct a house for about ten thousand dollars and it's looking like they'll be able to bring the costs down to about four thousand dollars. Check out this article. That shows all the different designs they have. They are quite beautiful. Very amazing three d. printed homes short short. Wow that is pretty wild. Yeah yeah i really wanna see. I've check out the show notes. And go to the link. Because i wanna see what does it kinda show. What the three d. printers like the scale of how big they are and how that works or not so much the completed. Yeah you know what the picture of it. Three d. printing. You don't get a good feel for the actual machines that are doing it. You see the homes in the end but if you do some investigating on three d. printed homes you'll find a lot about people who are interested in homelessness and building homes for people for that as well as you know people are just like. Oh this is an inefficient or this is an efficient way that we can go to. Maybe you know there's a remote location where they want to build some houses. They can do that way. There's lots of different applications super interesting. Yeah so it sounds like the even they prey on site yes like they would play printed on the lincoln logs or whatever and then ship those and then build the host but doing it on site. They can do it i think. Yeah now they would need to ship the material so a lot of them. They're they're made out of concrete but they don't need to be and this is another thing that's been done is building i'm instead of out of concrete. That's more permanent. Is to build them out of biodegradable materials. And so then you could have temporary housing. Oh well like in case there's a hurricane and all the houses went down to like okay. Let's quick three. D print some shelters from some homes for people and then without the idea that they're going to be staying around for wild us pretty cool. Yeah shape that out i. It makes sense. I had never heard of this until recently..

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