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Hockey tomorrow. That might be some more. All right, a couple of baseball items I saw kind of perusing this morning. Buster only had this. The nationals are gonna trade Juan Soto. Like his name is being thrown about now. Would you pay 500 million for him 400 million for him? He's really good. I know $400 million. Four months ago about one. He's going on the mats? Oh my God. Imagine. Dude, that's what you have to give up, though, to get them. The ground would you trade the ground from Juan Soto? No, it's a crime is not 31 and he's the injured two years in a row. He ain't got worse. He's not worth it. I have no idea what your farm system looks like. I don't know what his free agency I don't know how long till that happens either. But whenever he gets straight, he's going to want a massive deal. And uncle Stevie Scott, I'm not surprised by that. I'm not surprised by that at all. I mean, but because the nationals don't seem to have much for them to whether you're an invest 405 $100 million in that guy. You got him for a long time to come and I guess you build around him, but he can be a free agent in two years, but he's arbitration eligible the next two, so you know he's gonna want a huge deal. What else? All right, I just do that there. Also, rich is for you. Did you know Aaron judge is on a pace for 61 home runs? Yes, buddy. Oh yeah. 61 home runs. I know. So are you saying he's going to get it? Or something? Was just like, he's on a pace for 61 home runs. Let me just tell you something about Aaron judge. What this guy is doing after saying no to the bag that the Yankees put down. That is 1000%. In my entire lifetime of being a Yankee fan and a native New Yorker, that is the recipe for meltdown for 99% and I use that figure well done. Purposefully. 99.9% of all the athletes who turn that down and say, watch me. Watch.

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