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Volume the uk thanks the us and its allies for expelling russian diplomats in response to the use of a nerve agent in england for monday march twenty six it's all things considered from npr news i'm ari shapiro chang this hour a transgender servicemember in the air force response to president trump's new attempt at aban we're losing the access to americans with amazing qualities that they can bring to the service also can anything short of a trade war get china to change its ways later the relationship between antibiotics and superbug and the latest project from an awardwinning novelist is an immersive fiction podcast called the walk i'm really interested in what you might call storytelling that bleeds into the real world now news live from npr news in washington i'm jeanine herbst the united states is ordering dozens of russian diplomats to leave the country and it's shutting down the russian consulate in seattle if allies are also ousting russian diplomats standing in solidarity with united kingdom which accuses russia of ordering a nerve agent attack on british throw us soil weeks ago the poisoned a former russian spy and has grown daughter as npr's joanna kakissis reports britain's prime minister is thanking allies for standing with the uk prime minister theresa may told parliament today that she's heartened over the solidarity britain has found from the e u u s and nato together we have sent a message that we will not tolerate russia's continued attendance to international law and undermine off on us may says the russian state is behind the poisoning of serguei in yulia scree paul in southern england earlier this month british authorities identified the poisonous nerve agent called novacek a soviet era military grade chemical weapon russia strongly denies involvement and says it will respond to the latest expulsions with its own actions joanna kakissis npr news london the federal trade commission has confirmed it's investigating the possible misuse of the personal information of as many as fifty million facebook users and fears laura sydell reports the probe comes after the.

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