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I don't think it changes the way that i care for patients i think that has been a passion of mine since the beginning and i don't it hasn't affected my interaction with patients but i think that in terms of feeling the need for advocacy and for understanding why you have to number one advocate for patients and number two advocate for yourself and your colleagues and your ability to practice evidence based medicine the ability to talk about what you do and to you know bring abortion into mainstream medicine where belongs that brought it into focus for me and i realized to that you're gonna find friends and places you never knew you had them but there's also people who are going to have a hard time with being outspoken even if they may support you on principle it's the idea that you're coming out of the dark and saying what you do in your proud of what you do that can be hard for people you've been listening to diane horvath gosper in a minute she talks about the ways that policy and the cultural climate effect will work as well as the role of abortion and abortion discourse in the recent us presidential election so were recording this just after the election of donald trump throughout his campaign he made a lot of statements that are worrisome with regard to reproductive health with regard to the ongoing status characte how are you feeling about this sort of status of reproductive rights.

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