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The preceding program was paid for by the law offices of Joseph F. Pippen, junior and associates. News, traffic and weather this'll. His news radio W F L, A Tampa and w x TV HD to Clearwater. Flags are flying at half staff today across the state in memory of the victims of the Pensacola terrorist attack a year ago. Three U. S. Navy sailors died eight others were hurt in that attack. On this day. Last year, an aviation student from Saudi Arabia opened fire in a classroom at National Air Station Pensacola before being shot by a team member of the Escambia County Sheriff's Office. Space X rescheduled the scrubbed launch from yesterday for this morning. The NASA mission using the company's Falcon nine rocket carrying a dragon cargo capsule, is traveling to the international space Station to deliver supplies and holiday meals for the astronauts. The blast is now set to take place today at 11 17 this morning Legal holidays honoring Confederate leaders would be eliminated under a bill filed by one state lawmaker. The Birthdays of Confederate General Robert E. Lee and Confederate President Jefferson Davis are still on the books, along with Confederate Memorial Day. Miami Beach representative Mike Greco filed legislation this week to strike those days from the calendar. A similar bill failed to pass in 2018, Florida's one of five states that keeps Confederate Memorial Day. A legal holiday. Even though it's not a paid day off First aid workers. I'm Larry Stillman. If you're looking for work, a hotel and casino in Tampa needs to hire hundreds of workers. The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino says it's hiring to fill 400 positions, a job very set for tomorrow from 10 to 2 at the hard Rock event center. Job details can be found on their Facebook page. Florida handily defeats Tennessee on the road, 31 to 19. Gators quarterback Kyle Trask threw for four touchdowns with 35 or 49 completions and 422 yards, his performance and Knoxville enhances his candidacy to win that Heisman Trophy..

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