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Arkansas mississippi state in colorado colorado. He knows it cupcake compared to i have to compliment you. You are sounding more and more like a talk show host every day. So i don't i don't know what you were doing but but you gotta use their fifth one before we get a tissue and getting my research met you are The winners and losers. You are the biggest winner degs. I like what you're saying. And i like the new match style. It's putting your enemies to shame. Our next guest has no enemies. See as mr college football he is tony barnhart and it's always a pleasure tiny what what's going on now. How are you Paul i'm doing well Saw god blesses met somebody last week and he said so. This is your slow. Tom year right now then in college football. It's always something and here. We go again. Yeah it should be It's traditionally off season but last year. Tony i thought june may have been one of the busier months with all the speculation about whether we would even have a fall and this year people don't know and i know you of course live in this like Like few do. It's a long way from being over We have a mutual friend of ours today. Who who's somewhat more in the middle of this thing than you are. And i am And he said well. Don't forget we have the lsu next to deal with right. Know between between the the playoff the nfl and the transfer portal. This has got to be the craziest. June we've ever had in the sport and you're he's he's right and i always next and goodness knows how that's gonna work out. Well let me start with what we do know. And how how. We discovered all this as quickly as we did and the fact they confirmed it is it. Is it really unprecedented. But your your first reaction lease on this program to what has been proposed in relation to the cfp. Well it's a game. I heard michael rescues interview with the earlier today and it is a game check. There's no question about it and it's a game changer. If it was a deal that got done paul because it made not only did it. Make michael roscoe happy but it. May greg sankey happy and any kind of deal. That makes both of those folks. Happy is one. That's pretty inspired. Our it was funny about a month and a half ago. I started hearing people say. Because i thought it was going to be eight teams i. I was convinced that eight was the number but then people started talking. Hey tony you know. Don't rule up twelve and you know eight didn't seem to work as well so it wasn't shocked and twelve km but i was a little surprised. Yeah tony. I don't remember who it was. It was on the show talking about twelve and i frankly have to admit. I thought the guy was crazy. It just didn't make any sense but it does now well. It does now because the way paul the way that we're we're used to dealing with these things college athletics move incremental. They don't go big. They rarely undergo big they do. What's the safe knicks. move and they just. They must've decided. Hey it's time to go big or go home and now now that we've had some time to sort arrest on this. It's clear why this happened. It happened because eight was not gonna worked for the. Sec and twelve would was six at large position six at large berths. This is this is something that's going to benefit the sec said Had this been last year last season. The sec very luckily would have gotten four out of the twelve teves in. That's a good. That's a good deal for them. It opens up the door for the group of five michael and and his his folks and so the now now it makes perfect sense. And what does it do tony to the sport that we would both admit. Sadly has been slipping lately. Well what what it does is to give our good friend. Tim brando All the credit he's been harping on this for a long long time that the sport needs to be more inclusive that needs to be more opportunity. Paul the number that kept jumping out at me was this. We've had seven years of the college. Football playoff forbids a year. That's twenty eight. Total bits of those twenty eight total bids. Twenty two of the twenty eight have gone to five schools before that play this year. Plus oklahoma and that ultimately that i was a hardcore fourteen guy for a long long time but after the after the pandemic season and seeing how it played out i said you know what we gotta shake things up a little bit so again i thought it was going to be eight and it turns out to be twelve. But hey it'll be. If we can get started at twenty twenty three it'll be excite tony bar whether it's tony five weeks away from media days and we all know what that means and this is going to be an unprecedented season. So let's let's talk about what you hear on the field. Now you're always in contact with coaches and people that that know what's going on. Let's start with georgia. What were can you tell us about the dogs. And i think i've asked you this for at least thirty years. I missed the first ten. But is this the year Is this the year that we forget about one thousand nine hundred.

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