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Will make it here here's abc's matt cup in tonight what went up in twenty eleven is about to come down in a blizzard of fiery debris the chinese lost contact with the bus is young one space station in early 2016 since then it's been an eight and a half ton time bomb destined to crash back into earth from its decaying orbit about eighty miles up as you see in this relation much of it will burn up but up to seven thousand pounds of space junk could still make it through and hit earth scientists say it's most likely to hit along that yellow band long stretches of which are over the us from california to new jersey tackler beat reentry would look similar to the disentegration of this space freighter in two thousand eight lonnie williams has the distinction of being the only person ever hit by space junk but it looked like five was like this big ball of we couldn't say anything you couldn't hear anything that was from delta rocket in nineteen ninety seven and she wasn't hurt gave that space station is predicted to make re entry sometime between friday and next wednesday and well pieces of space junk like this look formidable we're told there's only chance of one in ten thousand that a human anywhere on earth would get hit david hurry that's helpful thanks man to be next tonight the severe weather threat across texas and oklahoma at this hour large hail smashing a car windshield and dean texas alerts have been posted tonight for more hail powerful winds possible tornadoes whether teams also tracking dangerous storms over the next forty eight hours including severe thunderstorms and flood watches from texas to indiana right there on the map there are new developments in that deadly police shooting of an unarmed black man in sacramento twenty shots fired stephan clark father of two shot and killed by officers in his grandmother's backyard as they responded to a call his family holding an emotional news conference today calling for a federal investigation the officers claimed clark did not listen to their instructions and thought his iphone was a gun a passing to note tonight linda brown.

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