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Hates marie. Four leo and welcome to another episode of marie. Tv and the marine folio. Podcast i gotta say. I am so excited about my guest today. He is a legend in the world of personal growth and spiritual development and you are in for a big treat. Gary cough the author of four consecutive new york times bestsellers including legendary the seat of the soul. He's also the author of the dancing masters which won the american book award for science. His books have sold six million copies and are in thirty two languages. Gary grew up in the mid west. He graduated from harvard and became a special forces officer with the at phnom service. His newest book universal human is available. Now so gary. It is so wonderful to have you here. Thank you so much for making the time. Today are welcome marie. i'm. I'm so excited to be with you and to experience what you've been doing so wonderfully for so many people for so long. Let's get started. I want to go back to a time in your life is actually i think a pretty challenging time after you served in vietnam and you shared in the book which is wonderful universal human by the way that you were avoiding pain in some destructive ways that it was around drugs and sex addiction. I'm wondering if you can take us back to that time. And share a bit about what you were feeling and experiencing and what was that moment that helped you begin to turn her life around. It wasn't a single moment marie. It was an incremental process. But there were some good things in it that i remember. And that time you're talking about i was living in san francisco and i was addicted to sex. I was so enamored with myself without realizing it. All how much pain. I was in Drugs women motorcycles We're all a part of of being in san francisco. And i was invited to a meeting. Physicists at the lawrence berkeley laboratory and i accepted immediately. And i was amazed by what i heard them discussing the question. Are we creating. The reality were experiencing. Well that's the kind of question that i discussed with friends in coffee shops in north beach. But these were some of the most renowned physicist in the world and they were asking that question for real. I got so excited about that meeting. And i asked him if i could come back again on the following friday and they said yes. They're very gracious. And i started reading i. I went back. And i felt as though i'd had three cups of cappuccino and it was sparking off my fingertips but i couldn't explain why i was so excited so i started reading and i went back again. Read more went back again. And i realized that i wanted to share what i was learning on a silver platter for people who were none. Scientists like me liberal arts majors like me who couldn't do handy mathematics like me and i did. I wrote this book called the dancing wuli masters an overview of the new physics. Now while i was writing this. I started out following an outline for each chapter that i created but in each case age chapter i left the outline behind because the energy lead meals were and the energy put so much more exciting than they outline was after six months or so. I began to realize that these chapters fit together beautifully. And i didn't do it because i discarded the outlines. So how'd that happen. And i began to realize that. I'm not writing this alone. This doesn't mean i'm channel. I wish it were that easy. Actually known but i imagine for some people they sit at. The keyboard in book comes out but it wasn't that way for me and it isn't but i realized that i'm not writing alone because it's not possible to be alone. Everyone every every co creation every creation is a co creation with you and with your physical guides and teachers and i was a. This was a new experience to me. I ask a friend of mine. Who was a union psychoanalyst. About what i was doing. And she said oh. Leave that alone gear. You don't know what you're getting into. I knew what i was getting into. And i wanted more of it. What did she mean by that did you. Did she just not agree with that perspective. Or what did she mean by. You don't know what you're getting into. I can't speak for her. And i'm not a union analyst but i think what she meant is there's lots of scary things in your unconscious and beyond your consciousness and you don't wanna timber with it. I didn't i didn't agree with that. Perception didn't agree with her recommendation. At all i decided that i was going to live my life the way this book was being written which was spontaneously joyfully intelligently and to a certain extent. I've accomplished that. I'm very happy about it. So this was my first experience of non-physical reality. It was the first experience of non-physical reality. That i recognized as that when i was at harvard. My grandmother died and she was my favorite. I think i was her favorite too. I used to stay with her in kansas city. And we'd spend nights together in her apartment and we'd be lying side-by-side on twin beds holding hands and talking about gossiping about the family. So that's how tight we were and she would take me to this restaurant in this beautiful large building. She was living in and we'd have dinner and afterwards we walk through the lobby and it would be a sea of grey hair. And she'd say. Gary you remember mr mental stein my son and then she say gary you remember mrs goldstein. I say yes. And if i didn't shake my head and say yes. She take my hand which she was holding and she jerked down like that. They say well when i was at her funeral. The rabbi was speaking to is audience in front of him and the family was in an alcove on his right looking up at a closed circuit monitor and were seeing him from the side and also as he looked as he addressed the audience in front of him. In those days murray closed circuit. Tv was completely novel some novel and made me laugh and as soon as i started to laugh. Gremaldi be jerked my hand down and said she didn't want me disrupting her funeral. She wanted to listen. I never told my folks that. Because i knew that they wouldn't understand it. Think that high resolution meeting in the deep grief that they were experiencing. But.

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