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O R. Well, we're looking for Ed Rollins not picking up right now. But we'll try and we'll try and we'll see if we can get a hold of him. The vaccines well, and many states giving out very fast. New York Way too slow When it comes to actually executing stuff. This governor this mayor, they're not created that So on Lee, one third of the vaccines have already been given out to a little slope. So you got to. Now you got the Fizer, which is very good. You got the maternal vaccine. Very good Vaccines that got the AstraZeneca one. They did the first vaccination this morning of that That's being unveiled at once a little little less powerful than these other two. It's an easier one because it's one dose. But the Fizer and the modern No one seemed to be 98% effective. A little less percentage on the AstraZeneca one. Hey, by the way, the visor and the Johnson generally here 98% effective. They've also shown in studies that when you say well, 2% could still get it. If you still got it. With this vaccine, you get a very mild case, and that's 100% on these two vaccines. So if you if you somehow still got it would be a very mild case guaranteed 100% much like the flu shots. There's a Johnson and Johnson vaccine on the way, but I don't know if you'll ever see that's a very troubled the vaccine. They've had nothing but trouble. They had to shut down the trial's A couple of times. There've been problems that Johnson and Johnson one. I don't know how effective that's gonna be. That's a little Again. It's It's like this. At present. It's a cheaper, easier version. We only need one dose doesn't need to be frozen. But when you go with the cheaper, easier one, you know, they always say you get what you pay for some The two good ones. The fighter and the maternal one are out. So phase one is, you know is the health care workers and all of that stuff, then Phase two is supposed to be Front line law enforcement, police fire all that kind of stuff. Phase three, and hopefully the speed this up and get to face three in the next couple weeks, Phase three supposed to be people over a certain age. Sometimes they say, 65. Sometimes they say, 50. Sometimes they say, 75. It'll be older people or People with underlying conditions. Face four is the big one where everybody can get it. It's just a case of government efficiencies to how fast you can get to phase for face force when everybody could get it. When your doctor will have it. Your pharmacy will have it. Just like a flu shot. You'll go into a making appointment of Duane Reade or Walgreens or a CBS and going to get it there or you'll get it. Your most doctors will be able to handle the vaccine when they say it has to be 90 below zero, and all of that. It's not a problem. It just means It just means you need a medical freezer in your office. Most great doctors offices that medical freezers and they're already putting the man in these pharmacies where you'll be able to get one by the way. Pharmacists who I never get enough credit. These far Mrs are also frontline health care workers. They'll be getting vaccinated in round one as well. And when it comes to the hospitals right now, when they say the hospital workers It's the people in the emergency rooms that people would treat the coronavirus patients, but they're also giving it to everybody. You know, Receptionist, janitors, anybody that's going to be around the patient's anybody that has contact with the patients getting the vaccine right now, But something has gone wrong in New York. Under Governor Cuomo, it seems only one third of the vaccines have been given out and Cuomo. I don't think I don't think deep down Andrew Cuomo's a big liberal, He's generally a practical, common sense, sort of a guy. But he's also everything with him was politics, so he always watches which way the wind is blowing. So he always looks to cater to every thinks he should cater to psych Fauci saying the same thing. So he's now catering to the progressives. He trying to look as progressive as possible, not a progressive guy, but he's trying to pretend to use so That's why he keeps talking about Phase two will be drug addicts and prisoners. The Massachusetts already done this and giving it to the prisoners to the drug addicts to again just pandering catering. So we still can't find Ed Rollins. I don't know what happened to him. But let's take a caller to. In the meantime, let's go to Jeff and I slip. Jeff, how you doing? I'm good. Happy New Year. I'm not going to let you know. I'm glad you don't have that Rollins on because He's a sort of a stealth, Never Trumper. Okay, and I don't know He's been a bit. He's been a big trump supporter for four years now, at the end now at the end, and not the beginning, so, but nevertheless, I don't like Republicans. All right, well, thanks for calling. Thanks for calling. Now he's let's say he's a great guy at Rollins. He's also the dean himself. Nobody better at the congressional races, presidential races all that stuff. Ed Rollins. How you doing? Good. Happy New Year. A happy new year. Uh, listen, you know this stuff better than anybody. What happens in Georgia tomorrow? You know, my sense is it's a dead even race. Republicans historically have always done well on specials. Uh, I think I think we should win them. We need both of them. But it's coming very close, and I think the reality is that a lot of money has been spent. A lot of outside money has been spent. I think the president's visit today will have some impact. Obviously it's gonna be about electing the two senators, as opposed to just complaining about him getting screwed himself, but I think the reality here is that they are winnable. You know, the environment here is you got the house with the very close can vote margin speakers that reelected yesterday by the narrowest margin. Modern times the Senate right today we have. We have 50 when these two were 50 to weaken moving agenda on that stopping agenda by this agenda, And so it's really a very much very important this week's gonna be a very, very critical week. If the Democrats win it all If they win the total control of Congress. I think you go nuts with this pack in the court and all these crazy left wing things or are they gonna be careful so they don't screw up the re election two years from now? They don't have a margin to go. Be crazy. And then if they had they had a 10 seat margin in the Senate toward 100.5 30 seat margin miles, they could do a lead, but the reality is every single vote is gonna be close. You're not gonna be able to change the world. You've got a lot of lot of problems with the country's facing and then they have to deal with those things. So my sense is the worry about Then never destroying. You know, making d C is that state in Puerto Rico? All those will be controversial on to a certain extent with reinforcement taking place. The house is very much coming in jeopardy until years now, so I think it'd be a.

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