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Are we preparing for a police state in America, Los Angeles? Helicopters wide twenty five feet up here soldiers running to and from Wilshire boulevard of the black helicopters sitting right in and people were panicking. And scared we go now to Mike in Ohio. Hi, Karen ground zero quite. Yep. Excuse me. I'm getting a little cold. But uh. Do you think they are? What do you mean? They. Who's ever mind well job as the Pentagon is behind this? So the Pentagon has. Control of our country right now. Look at the Democrats the Pentagon. The intelligence agencies. That's what I said last night intelligence is in charge of the country. The president's doing his best to fight intelligence. That's what the deep state is the deep states intelligence. It's about intelligence cabals bid it made deals with transnational criminals. Well, yeah. I. I think something's going to happen over the border with possibly Roe versus Wade because I remember a lot crazier when Obama was in charge. I mean the further from. By Wall Street. They'd been a little more concerned about those kinds of times. There's nothing really happening. Now, I would agree with you. But the things that are happening are insurgencies, or at least resistance against President Trump, just because they say, the President Trump is this and this you're right, there were more riots, and there were more nationwide uprisings going on during the Obama administration. Then certainly any that have been going on during the Trump administration. I mean, we feel here to Portland that we see a lot of it because it happens a lot here. But you know, we're waiting for collects it. We're waiting for DC were waiting for possible border incursions with Venezuela. Now being a problem. We're going to see a lot of people that want to escape Venezuela. A lot of people want to escape Columbia to come here. And they'll want to get over the border. Yeah. I noticed a lot of swat training in my area. Town. It's like two thousand people. And he's huge swat teams with their tanks have been into town. And it's like what are they gearing up for nothing ever happens round here? There are a lot of people that tell me they're seeing this in their town. They they tell me I I saw you know, they're saying these these helicopters or I saw jet training above this area. Don't know what's going on. But it it's like they're doing these urban warfare drills out in the open. They don't tell people they're doing him. Some people are alarmed when they see him. And so it's a psychological operation. But what is it a psychological apparition for of course, they're preparing for something? But there are a number of reasons why they're preparing been giving you a number of reasons why because we are right now, I believe on an alert status in this country. It's an alert status that hasn't been announced. But you feel it you feel it in the air. And you know, it's there. Did you hear about the Chinese student who got arrested in Florida? Mm-hmm. He was taking photographs of the military base. Oh, wow. Really? Yeah. Just like I think yesterday or something while he's a student here. Some university down in forty was on the long side of the military base taking sensitive photos as the nappy. Well, the government in Wales what he wants and photos. That's true. Well, mike. Thank you for that information. I really appreciate it. All right. Thank you. Take care. Let's go to Mike in Texas. I Mike ground zero. Hey, how you doing quite good? Yes. I can. I'm on a hands free. I'm at work right now play devil's advocate real quick. The media my salt happening in Los Angeles is not what are conspiracy bringing black to play with. Hey, wait a minute. Wait a minute. What are what are our conspiracy brains playing with the night? I mean, you're assuming we're going over towards the more. Would you call it? Martial law type of things I think really. We're willing Willard what we're talking about is. We're talking about orders from the Pentagon. They would certainly want to secure the borders of there was an incursion or if there's any kind of other urban warfare activity going on in an uprising. I just want to say that the what happened in LA most likely probably not open warfare. What I believe it is. It is an asset extraction. When the military does not like to one exercises in civilian world involving the public because it creates complications. Like, you said earlier someone actually started shooting if these guys that was in Oregon. Yes. It things like that. That's why they don't as you know, most operations never get beyond the pen and paper stage it's planned in its shoved in withdraw somewhere. Get the military is actually putting boots on the ground spending money out of their budget. There's something to it. So what what a probability of whatever the goal is of something actually happening. We need to practice this in real time. So they flew into extract someone. An asset. It could be an object or it could be a person. Now, here's where the fun part comes in the person on that helicopter may or may not be military, and they will extract that asset was they want to be extracted or not can't speak. Those are flash. Banks. Those are meant to speed things up catch people off guard and get out as quickly as possible. That's a lot of fanfare for one asset. Well, you don't know how important that person. They be. Want that person may be well, I'd like to know who it was that they took out of there taking out anyone. I mean, the police was it's probably just an exercise, but they're planning for these things not doesn't plan for fun. No, they don't real right. But after what I told you about what I've seen, and what has been extracted that is declassified from the Pentagon with things like REX, eighty four main core garden plot all of these things they've been in place for what is known as the great exodus, and that'd be an exit through the border or would be some sort of a separation like Cal exit. It would be a number of things that could happen. This year. Correct. I'm just a little bit doubled up here. I'm trying to say, hey, everyone calm down a little bit. Don't assume your conclusion, but you're assuming you're assuming probably a hell of a lot more than I am especially when I've got stuff to back up. What I'm saying? Oh understand. I'm not doubting. You understand? We shouldn't assume anything while you're assuming a hell of a lot you're assuming that there was some sort of asset that need to be extracted out of Los Angeles. I'm saying it was an urban warfare exercise because they're our strategists who are saying this is the reality of two thousand nineteen and even though the president gave a great speech yesterday. You're still a group of people that are still angry about what he had to say. It's still a group of people ready to uprise or ready to rise up against it. Correct. You're absolutely right on every avenue there. But I understand the difficulty and how dangerous is to land a helicopter on a street. Granted the mayor the chief of police they say the public. They should have announced immediately. Once again. It's a covert operation of transparent one lady not so much. Colbert is then we should know who the can we know who the asset is if it's not covert. Then why didn't they tell us who the acid is they extracted or I have no idea because they're not showing any transparency with these drills. They don't tell you why they do them. They just do them. And they're pretty bizarre. They just coming in from out of nowhere and just start, you know, setting off bombs and bringing soldiers in the streets. That's pretty scary stuff. It is. And everyone in downtown LA have a right to be scared had I would I would have gotten called part. I said back in two thousand eight when they did it here with even smaller ones. I see I thought you know, the huge Blackhawks right in the street. We had little small guys like buzzing around like mosquitoes. If like if you had a big flyswatter, you could not get out of the sky, but you know, that happened in two thousand eight and then and I was kind of like thinking. Wow. This black helicopters stuff is real at an Israel. Now at is for this is probably the first of many, I think in the future of these types of urban warfare drills. Like, you said a preponderance of the evidence is saying, well, hey, your phone goes off you get a a clear message for the president. And the reason why they want it to go to your phone is because you're not going to be by television or radio all the time. So you have to get that emergency message out to as many people as they can. And they know that you're going to have your little hand that screen. It's tach to a telephone. So you be anywhere in a city and say, oh, I better avoid the street because they just had a number of soldiers land with helicopters in bombs and they're going to extract assets. Okay. Or they're going to we have a whole mob of of. Insurgents for the border. And they've threatened the country. See I know that you know, when President Trump says, well, these threats or re Di stretch a real they're real believe me, the real he said, and we have the left wing going. No, he's embellishing it all it's not real at all. Well, if it's not real. And why are we seeing these if they're not preparing for then why did they do what they did in Los Angeles on Monday. Was it just like out of the blue swoop our helicopters down and play with everybody's minds. No, there's a reason why they did this and they're going to be doing another another states as well. In other parts of the country. I mean, we're not I mean, these don't get your little conspiracy mind worked up. No, I'm not I'm I'm giving you some reality here. This isn't a conspiracy mind, I'm not saying that this is a conspiracy theory for martial law to take over the world or the country. Nobody wants martial law. Nobody wants me believe me. You don't want Marshall. I've heard a lot of us are they should declare martial law. Build the wall. They shouldn't. There should be no Marshall audit cleared to build the wall. Now, we have an incursion. And be where like.

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