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Like, I am specifically because I'm really curious to see what happens down the road with these people. I mean, I hopefully Kentucky who Enright and all these other people who did he's Expos as about this kind of should follow up and keep up with the story because I'm I'm really fascinated to know what is going to be the fallout from all this in the workers era games have said they plan to do more walkouts in the future. So I'm really curious to see how long this is going to go until something comes to a head. And what the solution will be from all this like it. And the whole thing is really fascinating to me. And for all the people that. Think. Oh, I think I know what all I have the right answers put it like this. You don't need to know. What's right to know? What's wrong? And this is wrong. That that was good. I like those really good. That was good. Well, any any other final thoughts on this before we go? I think you invent kinda took the show on. No, I I've seen I've seen too much in it. I chalk it up to both the being in professional jobs, and I haven't had a professional job quite like that. So yeah, I was I was kinda glad that rain on this because I didn't really have much to contribute. She was like, no I depart. But yeah, I mean, we'll we'll see what happens. I mean. I don't wanna I don't wanna be dead horse with this one. But I'm really curious to see what's going to happen. And what's gonna be fallout from this? Because I got a feeling that there's there's going to be more ways to come. And there's going to be more fallout not necessarily in a good way for the workers. But we'll see. But anyway it for the show. Remember, you can find a center home. One giant leap for peace dot, Lipson dot com. We.

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