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And if you can keep your direct competitor from gaining inventory, that is also worth some money. And so if the ESPN wants to keep Oregon in Washington in house, you're going to overpay for the PAC 12. I also think there's some counter programming marketing strategies there where I think it's easy to sell. Again, the numbers aren't going to be Alabama auburn numbers or Michigan Ohio State numbers. Nobody expects that. They aren't right now. They haven't ever been. But we certainly I don't know about you guys. I love PAC 12 after dark. It is like one of my favorite things about the fall. My wife's asleep, the kids are asleep, nice glass of whisky, sit on the couch, you know, just by myself, a couple TVs going to town on some back 12 football. That's my idea of a good time on a Saturday night in the fall. I don't know about you guys. Maybe that makes me a giant nerd. I'm okay with that. 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5 8 5 5 two four two 7 two 8 5. And what got me thinking? And I want you guys to chime in on this. Because I am having a major I'm having big trouble here. I'm having major, major problems. Filling out some of my playoff ballots for 2022. Let's forget about expansion for a second. And let's look at the actual games that are going to happen this year because I do think the big 12. If you look at the big 12 and media days were today and we asked Heather didn't about this a few minutes ago. You could make the case for probably half of that league to have a legitimate shot to make it to the title game. I'm not picking Texas. I'm not picking West Virginia. I'm not going to pick Kansas state, but I think all three of those teams have what it takes to potentially make a run and get into the big 12 championship game. I think the top three are Baylor Oklahoma state and Oklahoma. In some order, I like Baylor a whole lot. Picking Blake shape and I think at quarterback with an identity that David Miranda has established, I think they are a very good football team. I like Baylor to win the big 12. But do I like him to be a playoff team? I don't know. So while the big 12 is wide open and I think very competitive and very interesting and filled with drama all season long this year. It's going to be a ton of fun. I don't know if there's a playoff team in there. I look at the ACC and I go, all right, Clemson. Dang, man. Probably the best defensive line in all of college football. Two new coordinators. Tougher schedule, Florida state's getting better. NC states really good wake forest is pretty good in the division. You got to play Miami late. South Carolina is now a bowl team. That schedules a much tougher than you got to play out Notre-Dame. Clemson is a much much tougher schedule. Oh, they were terrible last year. Well, were they? Or do they lose by 7 to the national champs where they only gave up ten total points, three on offense? Did they lose an overtime to one of the best NC state teams we've ever seen? Okay. Their losses, Clemson last year. They were close to being an 11 win team and an ACC champ. So as Clemson, the team from the ACC that could get into the playoff. Is it Miami? Is Tyler Van Dyke and Mario Cristobal's first year that good? Can wake forest with Sam Hartman replicate what they did last year? I really, really like NC state. I think they are very dangerous. What about Pittsburgh? Can they repeat? How good is Florida state going to be? Malik Cunningham at Louisville how good are they going to be? The ACC is also wide open just like the big 12, which leads us to a problem with the playoff. And I'll include the PAC 12 in this. How good is Utah Oregon and USC? The three best teams in that conference. How good are they? Are they good enough? To be 11 and one 12 and one 13 and zero playoff teams at the end of the year. I don't know. I think Utah is the best one. They've got to go on the road and beat Florida in a true road game in week one, which might be the coolest week one game on the entire schedule. Utah at Florida sign me up. But Utah is going to have to play perfect football to get into the playoff. So what do we do in here? Alabama, Georgia, Ohio State. Okay. Who else is getting in, guys? Those three are the overwhelming favorites by Vegas and everyone else to make it to the college football playoff. Who is number four? I have never seen a year in college football where I have no clue who's number four. I don't even know who belongs in the conversation. I could rattle off 15 teams. And you'd probably have to go, oh, all right. I could see it. I could see it. Clemson, NC state, a and M, Baylor, Notre-Dame, Michigan. USC, Oregon. Utah. Does Miami belong in this conversation as the favor to win their division? What about Wisconsin? Iowa, who's going to win the west in the Big Ten. What about Cincinnati in the group of 5? Got to replace a whole lot. Is some second place team in the SEC good enough. Like Michigan in the Big Ten is Tennessee good enough to get to 11 one. I don't think so. LSU Arkansas Mississippi. Who's number four? This is what I want you to tell me. Who is the number 14? I don't think you can argue with Bama Giorgio Ohio State. But tell me who belongs at number four. Who is the other team that's going to make the playoff? 855-242-7285. I will come into this with an open mind. I want you to tell me who you think belongs at number four in the list. We did this for Athlon sports. I work at Athlon sports. We put together the magazine. We put one, two, and three down on the line. We didn't even argue about it. And then we got to number four and it took us three months. It took us three minutes to pick the top three. It took us three months to pick number four. I want to hear who you think should be in the playoff. Who make the case to me? For number four in the playoffs, 855-242-7285, because oh by the way, we still have a football season to play this year. Expansion is going on in the world seems to be spinning out of control, but we got a whole host of really awesome football games coming up in a couple of months. Next month, we got college football. Tell me who belongs at number four, 855-242-7285. I'll tell you my pick. My name is Braden Gaul in for Paul. This is the Paul fine bomb show here on ESPN radio. You are listening to the Paul finebaum show podcast.

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