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Listen i'm going to preface my question which is on their topic by saying those of you who are always antitrump you're you're missing the really interesting story those of you who are always protrump you're missing the great story i'm going ask you a question that sounds antitrump at the same time we may have major breakthroughs and trade with china peace on the korean peninsula all sorts of unbelievable stuff the economy is surging and i believe the white house has a lot to do with that at the same time you got allegedly chief staff john kelly saying he's an idiot rex tillerson effing moron gary cohn dumb as s term mcmaster a dope with the intelligence of a kindergartner and writes previous with the classic idiot yeah but there's a lot of way to interpret those debra do you do those accusations of accusations ring true to you or feel free to deflect or whatever okay there are people who say that does the kelly story is not true and they know people who were in the room but okay but look at the look at dr ronnie jackson who was the president's physician and his choice to head the va system that was just an example where trump decides he likes this guy he likes the way he he handled the media when he gave the report about trump's glowing health and so i'm gonna make him my va secretary and he doesn't do the veteran he should and jackson's reputation is not doing so hot right now and we're not sure what his career future is and it's because we know that trump doesn't think things through we'll now then they may be true but didn't the guy had that background check after background check when he was obama's physician and ws and everything he had but you know i read i read the medical inspect inspector general's report on hit on the office and he had some real management issues and some issues with people such that if in other words so if you really wanted to say hey would this guy be a good pick as opposed to the president wants them to be the pick.

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