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I can tell you that this was a game that i bet at four and then also liked it four and a half to the show. Yesterday we got news basically right when we came on the air that That you mentioned what we did. The segment that ben roethlisberger is dealing with a pectoral injury that it seems like he will play. But there's a pain management issue Than a couple beat reporters for the steelers tweeted earlier. This morning. Like ben will play. And then i believe the direct quote from one of them is then. We'll play but like we'll be in pain on every throw was basically the until the shoot 'em up with are all in which case he's not even gonna know what planet he's on. So yeah exactly. I bet you do it okay. Sure and mom. It's coached that's what what gets me like. Julian edelman after the super bowl against the seahawks. The game's not over yet. The kam chancellor decapitated convert the third down. Juliet it's it's the following tuesday these literally like there on the field the confettis falling and elements like guys. The game's not over yet. And then i don't know why i think this is so funny. He looks at bella check and he goes. Bill is the gave over. Bill goes yes and then it'll be like it took it. Took like bell was the only person he was gonna listen to in that instance gallium believing so that was so funny. Because i was at that game and like the hit happens and i turned to my wife go. Oh he's out she goes. What do you mean they go digit. Did you see that kam chancellor as a missile you destroyed and she's like out of the game and you're just like just like like he's like we're going to remember this game now more than he is. That's what that's exactly what i'm telling you and then in the. Nfl films are wired. Set of the game which is an incredible thirty minute. Special for people like that at the super bowl. Obviously mike all the players and everything the f..

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