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Us make it to 70 for the first time this month on Sunday The combo four weather center I'm meteorologist Shane and O'Donnell Partly cloudy skies currently 54 in Seattle A young child is clinging to life at harborview after being shot this morning by his little brother police tell northwest news radio the 8 and 9 year old boys were handling a firearm inside the family's Federal Way apartment home on south 336th street shortly before 8 a.m. when that gun discharged A bullet struck the 9 year old critically injuring the boy who is now in the ICU at harborview federal white police commander Kurt Schwann It's too many times People need to take the time to secure the weapons that they have in their houses to make sure this does not happen The investigation continues into how the children got the gun and Schwann says safe storage laws that require gun owners to keep weapons out of the hands of children may apply An officer involved shooting this morning in swim the kitsap critical incidents response team is investigating which held an officer pulled someone over near the intersection of west Washington and north third around four 30 this morning a clown county sheriff's deputy was called several minutes later It's unclear but the why the swim officer fired his gun at some point the suspect was taken to a hospital and is in custody the officer was not hurt State wildlife officials are taking action following a second bird flu outbreak in Washington John lobert reports Wild birds like Canadian geese cranes owls even bald eagles are infecting so called backyard flocks while stopping off at ponds during flyovers We have many more wildlife species carrying this virus which is likely why we have much higher potential for environmental contamination 950 birds and 60 species nationwide state veterinarian doctor amber idol is recommending a 30 day ban on live market poultry sales The risk is if somebody brings in docs or geese and they're carrying that virus everybody has then been exposed Exposed but not a threat to people or dogs and cats We really don't think there's a big public health implication at this point with this particular type of H 5 N one No commercial poultry operations have been affected in Washington John lobert northwest news radio Doctors at Seattle's Fred Hutchinson cancer research center are testing the positive antiviral drug monopoly.

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