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Just in the last 11 days. This morning. We're at the coroner's office, where the National Guard has been helping to move bodies into mobile morgues that have been set up here by because there simply running out of space. Pre K and special ed students are heading back classrooms in Chicago for the first time since the pandemic began. WBBM TV is Jim Williams, Chicago Teach Junior wants to stick with remote learning until Kobe 19 vaccines are more widely available, Mayor Lightfoot said teachers who don't show up will not be paid. But the CTU says teachers have a right to safe working conditions and just like that, and I can't of TV show is coming back. Welcome to the age of UN innocents. Sarah Jessica Parker's Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will start in 10 new episodes of Sex and the City. For HBO, Max S and P Futures are down. 20 Dow Futures off 2 11 This is CBS News. Never miss a moment. Top news from W T O p 24 73 65 Listen on air on Alexa and on the w T o p AP Potato three on Monday January 11th 2021 32 degrees Going up to the mid forties today. Good morning. I'm John Aaron and I'm Joan Jones and the top local stories We're following this hour. A second police officer who defended the U. S Capitol during last week's riot has died. U S Capitol Police officer Howard leaving Good had been on the force for 15 years Now. He died while he was off duty, and officials have not publicly said how he died. It's not clear if there was any connection to the riot flags at the White House for being flown at half staff through Wednesday in honor of leaving Good and Brian sick. Nick. He's the U. S. Capitol police officer from Fairfax County who died from injuries he suffered during the riot. Maryland and Virginia are also lowering their flags to half staff. Federal prosecutors are investigating officer sick Nick's death as a homicide, and it's not just those who actually caused the injuries who could face a murder charge. Let's say somebody stormed the capital with the intent to disrupt Congress or steal the sign outside of Speaker Pelosi's door. And then there's a murder that occurs in the midst of that, then he could be charged with Only murder. Former federal prosecutor Tim Hey Fi led the investigation into the police handling of the deadly white Nationalist Rally in Charlottesville, D. C. S U S Attorney's office isn't saying whether they intend to charge felony murder, saying this is still an ongoing death investigation. That's why it is such a friend to the prosecutor. Right. It is a pretty heavy hammer to charge accomplices to charge aiders and abettors who don't necessarily intend for murder if they're going to willingly engage in felonies. Conduct. They are potentially responsible for the consequences of that conduct. If death ensues, milord unstained w t o p new, particularly Jano. Among those who looked with horror at last week's violence of the capital was Mike Signature, Charlotte's Phil's former mayor and author of the book on the Charlottesville Violence called Cry Havoc. The most unsettling fact for me watching it was how familiar it was signal says a major similarity between the two incidents. Or the presence of right wing paramilitary groups. So this was a directly political militarized effort to stop the peaceful transition of power. That's why it is so alarming White represents a direct line from we saw three years ago in Charleston, Dick Uliano w T. O P. News, D. C. Mayor Muriel Bowser is strengthening security measures in the district. In preparation for the inauguration. She's extending the time period around the event, expanding the perimeter of the security area and requesting that pre disaster declaration to get quicker federal assistance. She's also canceled all public gathering permits issued by the district. There are reports on social media urging people to bring their weapons to D, C and other cities. On Sunday. We spoke earlier with national security correspondent J. J Green about how federal agencies will respond, making sure that they've got there. National Guard called up making sure that their state police and local police and all of their authorities already the thing that's happening here is all of the intelligence that was out there that was overlooked before people around the country are poring over it again to make sure that they don't miss anything this time, so they're leaving nothing to chance. Mayor Bowser has asked the U. S Department of Homeland Security to work with the Department of Justice, Congress and the Supreme Court to create a plan for the defense of federal property. So See, police can focus on protecting the city Still ahead. More people around here can get the Corona virus vaccines starting today. It's 807. I am Rich Mackenzie, owner of Metropolitan Bath and Tile, did you know that usually one out of every three tiles were in perfect and metropolitan..

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