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Cbs on its john and randy okay school we bad luck but it will it was great to see that kind of faceoff in that kind of thing happen in what i really liked is when it got down to sharon's gay and rains encina the crowd automatically thought shinsegei was out backstage epic thereby so you could tell the right decision was made he needed it the most i said it before i sports illustrated asked me i picked it i said i'd like you pick let's be honest you pick the because when we were picking a rumble winners before i told you that that this is what i would do i would have knock more win it in and go on and face aj for the world title until july onto go so i think you're did i think i mentioned that on the vat months ago and i said they could be the first ones to main event wrestle kingdom and russell mainly in a titlematch aberdeenshire is that what a day after after i said that whatever we both agree fine take clock it i was on sports illustrated which is a huge thing so i said at there and you didn't at abbott mccall sports illustrated once we get off here you do it now dealer mark get on the cover to give their number a d i'm sure what he yuccas plug in your landline and get mccaw look uh robert wright guy right guy who needed it that audience wanted it uh and that kind of victory will then you know filter to the utter utter audiences the other audiences that might not necessarily be on board with knack maria like that will help the demolliens go all k and and more of the casual watcher will go okay this guy must be big deal and he looked pretty cool and he did some cool stuff and he just eliminated john seena and roman reigns like talk about a rocket strap yeah and talk about two guys that can alone heat but yet the loser's thing did the right thing down and and and do it well you know like you look legs act what his head meghan off and was a in the days when he got up and in gut endorsed thrown out straight i needed no never gotten the reins uh the anti rains things except that i think he was a character that needed to stay.

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