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Do not have to union just to keep your job and so they've been relieved of that legal financial and political benefit that unions enjoy in twenty two states it's the twenty eight states that have full right to work and so in pennsylvania we're talking about three hundred thirty thousand public employees they didn't have now regained their first amendment rights now it also means that one hundred percents of public employees can still voluntarily join a union this doesn't mean that people can't join a union that just means they now have the choice of whether or not to join and pay dues to a union that to me is really the american way that was finally restored after four two years of a bad supreme court decision abboud boo versus detroit it so the supreme court finally reversed that wrong that has for too long deprived public employees of their first amendment rights map brienne is with us matt of course is a great friend of the show to our station he service president ceo the commonwealth foundation for public policy alternatives for fourteen years now he is the founder president and ceo of commonwealth partners chamber of entrepreneurs inc yeah the the issue here of course is a guy who's watched this and been in politics you take organizations such as the teacher's union this union that union and they tend to get incredibly political and they have messages that are often very contrary to a lot of their members views but the members have to be part of that and they don't want to be part of that so now it's a great stand to be able to say hey look if i don't like the crap that the n j is spewing here i don't have to take part in this nonsense i don't have to be part of this but of course the question then becomes will there be any state laws that override this map do you think this is the final answer on this are you concerned at all that there might be state initiatives to try to tighten this up a little bit yeah there certainly are in fact as we were talking getting information from pennsylvania legislators who are all funded by the government unions they're beginning to try to push legislation that would somehow circumvent the ruling of the supreme court but i think it's pretty clear this decision was very clear that violating public employee's first amendment rights by forcing them to pay money to a third party private organization i e a union is a violation and will not be allowed to stay in so i think you're gonna see lots of legislators who get funded by these union organizations trying to do whatever they can to reverse the genus case but i think that this is where freedom is on the offense and i think it's going to be very difficult for them to get back to the days where they can force people to pay the unions just to keep their job ma prieto is great to hear from you and where can people find you yeah go to.

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