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Um but i can't remember what i was gonna say but i'm sure it was very clever sorry heavy to three offer you know what i mean yeah the people in general a enjoy the the b a choices being made program so in this case saying it didn't work out yes in this case but if they had to apply that to lots of your we have to tell you about everything apple products wouldn't be apple products anymore so i believe this is an example of an anti bubble where were you have more people complaining about it than actually care i think most people are fine with apple just doing this yeah and i think i will say this i think the reaction they're having is appropriate they they made a mistake there correcting it and they're making it i think they're making it go away as quickly as possible they acknowledged it immediately and are doing going through very reasonable steps to make it go way starting to feel familiar apple powerpc eisen and taking care of stuff immediately for a couple months now as this problem common bro hey thanks everybody participates in our separate you can submit stories vote on him a daily techniques showed dot read it to dot com go jump in there and take a look this good stuff in there and there's lots of folks are facebook group having a ball talked about tech facebookcom groups slash daily tech new show hey if you miss the cris the special frontex message you've got to check it out neethling center take it away thanks guys the only thing i wanted to fly is all enormous special episode that went out a few days ago featuring tom and veronica as well as astrophysicist dr pamela gay from astronomy cast we take you through the past and present states of the search for extraterrestrial life using coal sagan's classic book and film contact as a jumping off point we brunch into sifi talk as well to examine some of the science behind the favorite stories that's out now and i think well with the listen but of course i would say that it's at tech podcast thought uk all search for text message and you'll called catch of choice nuts t e c h upholstery s message and hey happy new year.

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