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Who talked about it at the era that it seemed like it went by really slow but went by really fast here. We are halfway through twenty twenty one and i'm like really Outside of a couple bumps in january this year hasn't sucked nearly as best one hundred twenty so Against this kind of flying by yeah. It's it's crazy that we're to this point. This is the The show always going into the fourth of july. The first show in july that we started looking at the halfway point of the year. We start looking at our award categories. We start giving are very early. Midyear candidates for the awards Yeah it's this year is definitely A hell of a lot better than twenty twenty one year ago this time. Try without a doubt. You know by the way says july i am the new name image and likeness thing is into the nc double a. I am offering my services. May wants to give me a deal where i can be a spokesperson or a sponsor. I don't care if it's a steak house a car law and underwear company whatever. It is I still have all my amateur status left. So i am available for name. Image likeness deals. Yeah i don't know what. Yeah i guess we could do that an outright. I mean we're doin' athletes but were podcasts. Gore i mean we i mean i still have all my amateur. Al eligibility loves for cost evil break. Go light goldberg. Anybody ducks true true. I mean it's it's quite possible. I mean you could. I guess you could be on the bowling team right My my my seven ten split. Accuracy is for nominal. It knows at factual or sarcasm. The pins on how drunk i am. What i'm bowling won't pretty good. It's weird like My bowling in my pool skills increase as the alcohol content increases. Which is your mechanics are all off because all it takes something like that to get a ton number at yeah. That's all you have to do. Have to do all right dr trae. Let's get into it here before we get into any more about how limber you are on this week's edition the show. They were fortunate releases. Last friday from from me and The list of people released from world. War i see entertainment. Include dongo tyler. Breeze tony niece. Ra dari august gray. Everett parker and matt martel. Kurt stallion the bollywood boys. To and samir saying our tour touro. Ross marina fear killian dane and tibo sabatino sabah. Telly So basically the two of five live ross. Current to a roster was Was caught and then there are some surprising names in there. Some longtime folks like dong tyler breeze and killing and dane Some folks that unfortunately never made it consistently on the next rosser toronto. Ross marina fearing tino sabotage Unfortunate releases your doctor. Trae sad to see a lot of these names Cut from world war center payment. This past week yeah. I don't think this round of i don't think this round was as shocking as the outer black braun. Strowman cuts But yeah like you said there. There's some guys who are long tenure guys that maybe never really got the right. Shot with doctor on tyler breeze right. They heard credibly talented also very charismatic. Guy like killian dane. Who remember what he came to extent like. We're like oh man they're gonna push for the mind and it just never really happen the thing brothers. I love those guys of guys are outstanding into sucks. They never go push the two of five live guys easter bari. Those guys you know it sucks. They've been around for a while You know the kurt stallion released you. Think maybe out of all of these releases kind of the most surprising one because it felt like he was just getting a decent push to five live And maybe i can transfer they transfer over to see if you owe. Five live is going away or something. I don't know but that was kind of shocking. And i did not know. Sally was still on the roster in all honesty. I thought he'd been cut. You know a while back so Like i said maybe not as shocking as the or black brought stroman day but you know still sucking guys. You are busy talented lose their job. Resign go I feel like never got a real fair shake at it. They were highly entertaining. Romantics detecting titles. That was when the division. I felt like has been down nothing to. That's due to them. Just there wasn't a lot of competition at that time. During the pandemic of an x t the to five live roster. I still watch to five live every week. And it's a damn shame. I don't know what this means for two five live. They did announce matches for this upcoming friday. Show they'll be qualifying matches for the. Nfc breakout tournament. But i felt like for a while that it was time for two five. Live to pack it up and even more so now when you literally cut the entire roster who made up the show each and every week for like the last six to eight months toning longtime on the show august grazed and featured a lot lately ever rise Even they were attacking. They were featured lot highly entertaining. The started to like it a little bit momentum on television and you cut them loose which was ashamed. The social media show Just greg is kurt stallion to dr transport and he's actually out on an injury As my understanding. I think he broke his collarbone or something like that dislocated shoulder he was supposed to face santos escobar. That matched did happen but it was like without any type of fanfare whatsoever after they built it up as a number one contenders match onto a five. Live several months back. I wanna say like the end of the year. The bollywood boys They just worked really hard. And it's a damn shame. See guys that truly care about the business getting cut loose or too russ marina shapiro. Tina's batallio re-cut upon them talked about them. They they never really got a fair shake. Tino was actually cut a year ago. They brought them back. Cut again Then killing dane. I i love the stuff that he was doing with With drake maverick. I love the theme song tag team. It just seemed like it was a lot of fun Now with the exception of nikki storm. Or now known as i guess nikki ash almost superhero every member of sanity including madman fulton who was on sanity for like a very brief period before being replaced by killing dane is is no longer a deputy out to try and that is something that is very surprising to me because what three or four years ago sanity was. One of my favorite acts in all of state was very ahead of the head of the head of it all and now they're all out At least two of the four of them that are available or on impact wrestling one with violent by design one. That's aligned with the ace. Austin i i guess you could bring alexander wolf and killing dane over to impact wrestling and had them paired with violent by design as well. It's just It's always a shame. You're never happy to talk about these things when there's releases from me especially now with the company even coming out of the pandemic even even more so like like tyler breezes. I i've been watching up dow For quite a while. But that was ever woods in tyler breeze on the emba watching them do Gmo fra smackdown vs raw. Two thousand. Six what my favorite things to watch. I catch it every single week. And you know they. They've been doing a whole thing where they've been using neo unused wrestlers who needed to push and then every time one of those guys just released. They basically treated like the transfer portal or a college basketball college football. And they're like oh they they. They hit the port. Will we got somebody else coming in interesting. What happened with tyler. Bridges spot up down because they typically don't use anybody who's not on wb roster and he helped launch that channel with xavier. woods away. So it's going to see how that all plays out going forward as well because that is a huge brand that debbie uses a lot across other platforms to get or.

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