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In terms of recurring injuries is going to be huge for his next deal. His first foray into the playoffs lasted twenty five minutes. Right. Dominique Wilkins was the only guy to come back and have a decent year after an achilles in terms of star player. And that was so long ago. He was scoring scored eighteen point game for the Boston Celtics or something like that. You don't come back from a Killys the same, and you definitely don't come back. Right. If you're a big man with all the stress that you put on not only that that injury. But also the rest of that leg shut off to Charles Barkley four noticing immediately. Like that's a torn quad. That's what my career in Houston. I it sucks for boogie because I think he has been one of the more under appreciated and misrepresented athletes over the last I don't know ten years or so because of all the antics on the court, but off the court the dude has been a pillar of the Sacramento community. And he seems like a guy who just doesn't let people in and that's fine with me. But man, it was little heartbreaking last night because you knew immediately what was going on what he's trying to need that thing down. Like it felt like it looked like he was trying to roll it back down stuff was tightening up and rolling up on him. So that was that was that was a sad thing. To see last night. Yes. So you combine basically boogie goes down. You got Durant who gets himself in foul. Trouble. Again, Patrick Beverley gets in his head at one point last night. They were whistled for three straight fouls on each other in the span of five seconds. Right. So then they keep being chippy right into the fourth Durant fouls out Beverly files out and it allows the clippers to keep their comeback coming. And so we're left with a with an ugly loss for the warriors. We'll talk later about how much we think this actually affects our opinion on the warriors ability to win and do all the things we expect them to do. But specifically for boogie beyond the contract, it stinks. If they do go on to win it and you're right. His his involvement is limited to less than thirty minutes. Play. And what it means for the warriors beyond that? And Bruce Bowen ESPN analyst said this about how the warriors will be able to recover with bogie out. This is still the two-time back to back champion, Golden State Warriors. They did it without boogie now. Yes, it was good having boogie. But. They are prepared to play this game without him because of the style of play that they have they're not a team that dominates the inside. So there's still a parameter oriented team. They will continue with those same types of things that they do as far as ball movement. But you have a guy and Andrew bogut who understands the system and understand what's required. As far as the defensive side of what he's there to do. Disagree because edgy bogey was brought into play ten fifteen minutes a game now Andrew bogut who hasn't had regular season legs. I know he played overseas. But it's a different animal in the NBA. You gotta get ramped up to playoff intensity. Bringing in a guy who's going to be maybe your eighth or ninth guy off the bench is a lot different than having to have to count on him for twenty plus minutes of game in the playoffs high intensity. He owned off. He's got his legs. You don't know. If he's got his win the conditioning may not be there. And of course, this team has had a lot of playoff basketball over the last three or four years jump shooters legs stuff starts to accumulate the. That you can rest on offense. Which is when MBA players should not on defense. You can't dump it down to boogie cousins say go get us. Go a few touches here while we chill you can't do that with Andrew bogut. So now more stress is being put on the perimeter offense, which let's face it. Kevin durant? He's having issues right now, we're Patrick Beverley Steph curry, and that ankle step is played outstanding. Klay. Thompson hasn't hit shots. The way. You think he would first couple of games this?.

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