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It's not impossible if you have a good candidate to go out and advocate uh And I think this particular election was about law and order as it should be. Uh And I think that, uh, Eric was very, very successful as a former police captain. Making that very much is, uh, his background drop were most progressive. Don't want and don't want to don't want to run on that. I wanted to fund the police and all the rest of those things. You can't have defending the police when people shooting up Times Square. People don't feel safe in the city, so Joe Biden, making that crime speech last week is that because they did a Democrats did their own studies and found out that defund the police has totally turned off the voters. Oh, absolutely, You know, it's it's you know, my sense is that is You know, it was not particularly effective speech because he's not very effective Speaker anymore. Um, but I think the reality is that all at all the rhetoric of two a year ago. You know, people want people want to fill seats. They don't want to go out. Worried about going to the parks worry about people being robbed in stores. Uh, you know this. This city is not the worst city but certainly a city that we've seen a big change in two years and four years and certainly it's got to be the number one priority and it's not. It's not fixed. You know you're going to have a kind of a short term mayor again. Uh, so my sense is that, uh, you know, obviously what White House does polling all the time, So they pretty much or Where the public isn't the public wants law and order again. Ed Rollins. Let me ask this. I watched a guy like Chuck Schumer. He's the biggest, most powerful figure in the Democratic Party. And he's trembling, terrified of this little AOC who's been there two seconds. Have you ever seen anything like that? Before with some little novice can scare these big giants up? Not really, You know, but I'll say this. She obviously endorsed runner up for the mayor. She endorsed the winning attorney just returning candidate she does have an organization where Schumer has historically has been a national figure does not have an organization in the back of his head. He keeps thinking someday she may run against me. Are made run for mayor or whatever. I don't think she'll be successful, and she can hold her district for as long as she wants. But the reality is that completely anywhere beyond that shockingly elected governors. We like to go, Senator. I don't think it's gonna be elected bear so, but she's She's a threat, and they they are They all run scared. And, uh, you know, Schumer just do his job is not very effective job at that. So I'd say we're out of time. But, uh, you want to get involved in 2024 take back the house. I mean 2020 to take back the house. The Senate Great America pac dot com. How's it? Look, We have a good chance of taking both. You know the bottom line. There's there's 10 Senate races that it doesn't matter. We have to win back the Arizona and the and the Georgia race. Uh, which we log school. You're down two year terms, because there, Phil Fillon's We won those two back. We're back in the majority, and we've got another Several little. We've got opportunities in the house. Where 56 seats, Uh, gain that we've basically been a majority. We're gonna pick a couple of my reapportionment. So yes, there's a tremendous opportunity for us to win the house and send it back. Well, if you want to help, Just go to Ed Rollins will make sure you get the right candidates. The money spent the right place go to Great America pac dot com Great America pac dot com Ed Rollins. Thanks for being with us my pleasure. Anytime, Mark. You take care of the kids. Have a great week. Bye bye. Take care. Oh, everybody check of the Web page. We've got some great video up there. Hey, this dis Biden this very weird, bizarre whispering. Apparently, it's a fetish she's had for years. Watch this video. Also take a look at this. The Joe Biden whisper song. The remix. Also the top 10 fake news lies about President Trump. And the virus all up on the Web page, Go to 7 10. W o r dot com slash mark 7 10 w o r dot com slash mark pretzels Look What chips luck. Who's the new guy? Santa? I think he's looking at me. Pretzels. You got it twisted. He's looking at me..

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