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If, it was your son. Believe me. The difference between you know what the number is picking up three million and four million. If it was your son. That's much bigger difference than if some casual fans living in Queens eating slice of pizza about you know some ball play, you never met. An you don't know much about. Just close your eyes and mentioned that young man your son. Wouldn't you present his yeah? is players and kind of. Take away a lot of the strip away a lot of the the extra stuff around you. Re You do realize that players are just? Were just. People trying to do a job. And we have a lot of the same struggles that a lot of other people have, and the disparity comes when you start talking about pay you start talking about while you're getting paid way more that I'm getting paid, and you're getting to play a game, but the disparity between us in the odors also gigantic and. That's why I became so intrigued in what the union was about because it seemed very one sided, it filled, felt like it could get very one sided very quickly if there was not pushback from players, but you know at this point, it is hard because players, lives and personalities are more accessible than ever through social media and through. While really through all of Media The girls and information technology yeah, and so we I think it becomes personal. A lot of guys in a lot of ways and people wanna back off, but. Don't leave this point if you don't mind at least. Because there are two things that go into fan analysis of Fan, but fans bring to the question of what they feel about plays, first of all caught the beauty of baseball, and unlike basketball and football is played by people of ordinary dimension. You could be five flipped nine. You can be six foot tree. You can be fat. You could be skinny. You could be bald. Be Glasses locally..

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