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It was good was bags. Triple p. t. podcasts. You see the van on the background. Talk nothing but india in. Nfl in every now on a little other sports get into a few topix in a few newer topic of whatnot. You know. first de-subscribe Iowa get this audio version. His podcasts goal despite a five or amazon music of slacker tune in iheartradio and dozen other platforms as well on the video. Podcast goes on youtube facebook. Fan pages instagram tv twitter and other platforms as well it. S subscribe button I get into a couple of topics. Was jamal murray was out for the season. season ending. Injury denver's definitely does not have a chance to win the west. What it does is give other. Players like michael porter. Jr. a chance to step up and show what he can offer you know. 'cause i never looked to jamal. Murray number one anyways he's more number. Two order could really step up and become that number two or that legit number three jamal. murray comeback. jamal. Murray did you. Are you number three. You know what i'm saying was yet at pans. Out of aldridge market soldiers retired on. He had a like these heartbeat issues and wanted to games. He said he never really felt his heart. Beating fast is scandal. Anxious out you know. After fifteen years you know chasing a championship. Was it really worth it. All in a possessive allow people felt like what was going on when blake in lamarcus winter at team that jason a championship so Yeah man health health. You can't spend your wealth without health. So health is very important. You know especially when you gotta fame and take care of and whatnot. The market soldiers had a career. And i just hate everytime might sue somebody retires. They're already started eating Tonight which a lot to get into the topic. We got jordan kobe. It a hall of fame. We know koby looked up to jordan. Kobe jordan light Jordan did of. I would have to say though that hoagies Last two championships. He carried lake a lesser qualified. Team back to back. But he won't the team. He carried a lot less. Talla would jordan had ryan every time one in also those years. Kobe had will very impressed. 'cause the pilots in a row players may shiite de-subscribe but in that right hand corner. Of course we will keep it. Movin was jay's is out for the season This really sucks when attack comes in the first year the automatic media's veritas out We see this happen. Lap happened latman for curry both his argument trying to give. Up if they actually get into like a higher seed they just get into like the play. It i'll i can't give curry in. Mvp was. i can't do. They gotta get like a guaranteed Play his playoff slot. What have to play it for. Be to say curry was ep. And it just that's wiesner was starting you know come along more. Get more gays experience at his belt. But these big men. It's hard for that mistake. Like lions big mistake healthy way. Their bodies are these each tall he big mid day. He's i mean he's set on foot is legit voter We got dwayne wade by the to the jazz. A epsilon sistemi way wade is donovan. Mitchell police for the jazz dwayne wade. Mentors him We've known that the heat supposedly offered him some kind of Ownership stakes but you tell. Give them more percents for.

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