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I'm your host John horn. If you're in Detroit crime, filmmaker Joe Berlinger has a lot to offer you right now. I is his current four part Netflix docu series called conversations with a killer. The Ted Bundy tapes featuring never before heard interviews with Bundy recorded while he was on death row. The series takes a deep dive into the mind of the man who brutally assaulted and murdered dozens of women and girls in addition to that documentary series. There's also a nurse. Feature film that Berlinger directed. It's called extremely wicked shockingly evil and vile. It recently premiered at the Sundance film festival and was also picked up by net. Flex Zack Ephron plays Bundy in the narrative film, but it's told from the perspective of his longtime girlfriend, Elizabeth club for who believed bundy's claims of innocence for years, she's played by lily Collins in the movie, I spoke with Joe Berlinger about both projects while I was at Sundance and he began by explaining how Ted bundy's nineteen seventy nine murder trial change, the media's relationship to crime. We have this insatiable appetite today for true crime programming. And I trace that back to Bundy Bundy for me is kind of the big bang of true crime. And that's because it was a very interesting time in the media, basically, just a few months before the Bundy trial. Many news stations were still shooting on film. So there was no such thing as kind of live coverage and this new technology. Of electronic news gathering was just coming into its own around the time of bundy's Florida trial. This new thing called satellite technology was happening. And there was such growing interest in Monday because he had so manipulated the media and Utah, Colorado. And in Florida before his trial started that there was great interest. Liz man on the.

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