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As we bring you our circadian Ajira from ignorance here at 7 43 with Jack here and Natalie and Katie and Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd joins us right now a guy who does an amazing job in Polk County and, uh Sheriff. We understand it's free turkey time with the pope. Sheriff's charities tell us about that. Object. You know, they think of law enforcement is just putting people in jail and writing traffic tickets. But this is one of the many things are poke sheriff charities. Do with and for the community this Saturday, there's gonna be three locations and Polk County where we give away free frozen turkeys so people can enjoy a large turkey with their family. This is for those that were in need. You know, there's the East poke location. We're gonna be at church on the hill and Dundee and central location. We're going to be in Eagle Lake and Lake Region High school. And the West side. We're gonna be at the Lake's church, which used to be the church of the Mall on the Memorial Boulevard in Lakeland. We have all this information on our website or Facebook. So you get the exact times. And locations and we're going to give away all of this. Now. We had pastor Bobby Williams from the Freedom Church in Elway's Florida, but you've never heard of Elouise. He has a relationship with the Midwest Food Bank, and he said, Hey, can I join in? You said our church has pallet loads of food to give away and will give away a box of food to go with every turkey. So we're partnering with one of the local churches and we're gonna make a great Thanksgiving for Ah lot of needy folks. This is incredible. Probably 12 or 1500 turkeys We give out and sheriff you mentioned people in need. What do people need to do to get a turkey? Well, All they have to do is get in the car and come down jump in line. And I would suggest being there early because we're gonna be at at each location for an hour and a half. We have a ttle, obviously, 12 1500 turkeys. It's a limited, so it's the 1st 12 or 1500 people that were in line. But at the end of the day, we may have more boxes. And if we do will continue to provide those Were given until they run out. And this is one of the many things we do as a result of our charity, you know, we raise a lot of money through the year with keeping with Judge Resting place was Sheriff Judd. We don't have any employees on the payroll of the charity. 100% of the proceeds goes directly back into the community to help those that are less fortunate. And what's the website where people can get those locations and times? If you'll just Google pope, sheriff or pope sheriff dot org's Or you could go on our Facebook and do Pope Sheriff Facebook. They can see all the times and locations. And I look forward to seeing them there on Saturday morning. I'll be there along with a lot of my staff who volunteers and it's a very exciting and a very fun time where we give back to the community who supports us. Every day. Well, sheriff, you're doing a great job there and keep up the good work And thanks for joining us on a M Tampa Bay. That glad to do it. And if you misbehave and violate the law and act like a turkey, then we'll put you in jail and you get to turkey with us. We will. Can you ask for extra gravy if you're behind bars, Sheriff Yes, You can ask for it. I think it again. But you can ask for that Spoke Sheriff Grady Judd here on a M. Tampa Bay and its 7 46 go to the newsroom and Chris treatment. ST Petersburg's mayor is calling on governor dissenters to doom or to address the coronavirus Mayor Rick Kreismen and four other Florida mayors want the governor to issue a statewide mast mandate. They also want to send us to allow them to impose local restrictions. Kreismen says. Failing to deal with this now will make the economic catastrophe far worse. So in Tampa fire rescue leaders are accused of misconduct. Air. Jane Castor announced last night that fire Chief Nicholas Cicero is on administrative leave along with division chief of Training Susan Tammy. Training officer John Maral. It was relieved of duty with pay. Castor named division chief Barbara Trip Interim Fire chief All a thorough and expeditious investigation is conducted A man suing the Pinellas sheriff's office over a crash, he says changed his life forever. 62 year old Steve Brennan Jersey as he was riding a bike when he.

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