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Why is it all clicking. Now for you and why didn't they click earlier in your career. You know, I think a lot of it is just a late bloomer and I think that it took a little bit longer than the shore. You know, look to really dig into my record. You know, I had like ten pro fights before I was even twenty one, you know. So I think I've literally grown up and became a man in front of everybody's eyes. There's no one's really paying attention. I think that I was geographically area. You know, when where I lived at anime was a little bit behind anyways, you know, we did fight a lot, but, but as far as you know, I wasn't on the west coast in California was the, you know, all the super technical guys for a long time. And also I think as the game caught up in the midwest and and started blown up, I think that I had more of an opportunity to grow, you know. So I think that's a little bit of it when I was younger, and I think just a lot of becoming a dad, you know, once I was a father, you know, everything started coming together and like I said, maturity wise instead of the growing and now. Physically my physical capacity meeting my mental capacity for the sport and things are just coming together. Now, how many children do you have. Three daughters, three daughters, amazing. And the oldest is how old. She's almost seven. Does she have any idea? I mean, I so what do we got? Seven. And then what are the other two, seven, a work and one. Okay, that's amazing. I have six, four in one. We're like, we're like kindred spirits here at the does the does the seven year old have idea what her dad does now. Yeah, yes, she does. We don't. We don't hide it all from from kids. You know, at least that's how me and my fiance, we don't. We don't shield them from the, you know what I do for a living for my family, and I don't think that I should high different. I know a lot of fighters do go end. There's nothing, you know nothing wrong with that either, but they don't really. Really attribute fighting consulate. So I think as long as we can keep those things separate, I think they're all right. But if you ask my kids, daddy, daddy fight so that I can buy. Was she watching live yesterday. Wow, that's amazing. Because usually I know you fight later on at night, so great to have an afternoon card. I'm wondering. So you've looked very good and you ask to fight, and let's let's be real. You look very good as middleweight recently up until the Tagore Santos, fine. I know that was an opportunity for you to take a step back and reassess things, but how much of a factor has the move been now you've done it twice to five. You don't have to as much weight. I mean, even watching you, it's shocking that you're able, you know, you were even able to make one eighty five to begin with. How much of a factor do you think this is in your success right now? I think a lot of it is is the move to five, you know? And and I know that people thought that I was making excuses when I said, are Adam leaving eighty five going to five? I can't do this in the way of killing me. I think that people thought that are that just is excuse for losing or whatever. And and I really meant it like I, I finally figured out that I was diminishing myself so much. I really think that I was fighting in a very small percentage of my capability of one eighty five. You know, I would be through my training camp and I would feel really good and then I would get to the way cut cut away..

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