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For a free rate quote jordan versus what broadest played out by and large there's people who make their career living off of talking about jordan and braun every single day and it makes me want to shoot myself in the head with a nail gun but the debate of brady verses jordan i don't hear very much at all and i think it's actually probably the most interesting debate in sports rate now especially with brady going to his sixth potentially super bowl title if he can get past the eagle's um a lot of you out there it's funny every time i mentioned the fact that i believe jordan would have won eight straight titles if he had never retired in going and played baseball there are houston rocket fan truth that are just convinced those to houston rockets teams are the greatest teams of all kind of all time and they're all up in my mentions talking about how could he came the jury malaj you want a kitty smith were and all those guys and they're pointing out something that i think the jordan crew out there will often fails to acknowledge which is jordan came back in time for the 1995 playoffs and they got beat the jordan era bull's team did by the uh by the miami not even the miami orlando magic the nick anderson orlando magic area team and now was before the was at could this the quarterfinals semifinals semifinals i there wasn't even the conference finals right they lost before.

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