Donald Trump, Myers, Jimmy Kimmel discussed on Doug Basham


The impeachment trial of Donald Trump what was the top of the hour I was I was giving a shout out to people like Stephen Cole bear self Myers and Jimmy Kimmel who have done the exact opposite of trump state one propaganda milk ministry they have told people the truth they proved every night white people who watch them no more than those who patronize trump state run propaganda ministry as good as that is it's also sad that that's where we're at I mean really what people like Stephen Cole bear dish out more news and facts then a certain organization that that includes the word news in their name let me give you an example on Tuesday functional is broadcast the entire session you know because both democratic managers and trump lawyers were speaking on Wednesday would only Democrats were speaking fox broadcasts commentary from their propagandist and only show the visual of Democrats speaking no audio at least that's what I saw every time I flipped over and I said to myself self comma I always speak to my soul for proper English that's why I talk good than most no wonder these help bush trump snipers are so god blessed ignorant and completely unaware of honest provable facts and I saw the same thing on Thursday in fact when I flipped over to both boxes and the station's signature almost two nights ago guess who he was talking about wait for L. like bull I do not what I heard mother Tucker Carlson say who like the host I just mentioned was doing his regular show all the while Democrats were speaking.

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