Guillermo Heredia, Mets, Nats discussed on CBS Sports Radio


To four guillermo heredia kyle seager ball homered in kennedy six shutout innings katie royals nip the indians want nothing cargoes beat the bax five three mets are six and one getting by the nats three to reds beat the pirates seven four angels fall of eighty seven three on the hardwood sixteens battling for five spots out west thunder stay alive outlasting the rockets wanna wait two spurs in the mix topic but blazers won sixteen one zero five nuggets hanging in eliminating the clippers thirty four one fifty nine seth cantor this is taza and we are talking wrestling tonight at eleven eastern on cbs sports radio cbs veldman impede off mentor here from i said earlier outside the cage canvas lloyd money may thanks bartha record wfan outside the case outside the cage which is growing like crazy this is outside the cage with bill money pete hoffman.

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