BBC, Nick Fake, Us Supreme Court discussed on Weekend Edition Sunday


The BBC's Nick fake reporting the US Supreme Court is scheduled to take up its first major gun rights case in a decade NPR's Nina Totenberg reports the justices on Monday will hear arguments on now defunct gun regulations in New York City several gun owners and the New York affiliate of the NRA challenged regulations for having a handgun at home in New York City under the regulations as they existed when the case began a license to have a gun at home only allowed the gun owner to transport the weapon to seven shooting ranges inside the city limits that meant these pistol owners could not transport their guns to a home elsewhere in the state for instance or the shooting ranges in competitions outside the city this year the city change those rules to be more permissive but the gun owners are pressing the Supreme Court to lay out yet more permissive rules for gun ownership and transport Nina Totenberg NPR news Washington nearly six out of ten companies in the S. and P. five hundred index are at risk of losing assets because of climate change and PR Scott Horsley reports that's according to a new guide for climate savvy investors the guide evaluate some fifteen thousand companies around the world to see which are most exposed to a changing climate many of those companies have assets a growing risk of physical damage from wild fires hurricane droughts or other problems associated with rising carbon in the atmosphere analysts also flag businesses that could be adversely affected by regulatory changes such as a carbon tax those risks are higher in the US and Australia than in other countries which have already adopted more aggressive policies to combat climate change even companies in the same industry often have widely varying exposure to climate risk the assessments were conducted by true cost which is an arm of S. and P. global Scott Horsley NPR news Washington you're listening to NPR.

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