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Soundcheck exclusive merchandise. Unsigned they're very specific unsigned. That doesn't sound like that. Great so what. You get a nicer. So he's the soundcheck just done by some sound guy. I assumed to check check check tech to some some rhody jack jack check and they've got merged family thirty seconds to mars holiday sweater. What is on this. It's too far away from me. That's their logo. Which also kind of is definitely across. Absolutely across he's not even try and pretend that he's the messiah right a. n. g. h. Insurance go ahead and try to tell me that. This isn't a colt yes granted. They did themselves actually say yes. Yes but as when you stylish earlier jerry is wire those on the record in this courtroom unreliable interesting point okay. But what about the evidence you know shown. Also i'd like to point out. I mean when you think of a call you think of kind of like a big group of people who are like very the cult leader right. They see them as like a god. Essentially right you agree. I agree son. I mean we discussed jared the past. We actually have a highlight about this. I believe we called it a weird cult. It was a very derogatory approach. Gerrymander weird ads. That look at the like dislike ratio ninety five percent positive coaching. This is crazy. Violent this crazy obsessed cola the more writer die. Maybe pretty well. I think it's a small called. I think it's more serious of the size of their colt. Eight hundred seventy one. That's the goal in the dislike compelling point respond. yes api go ahead and never left island. They never left the island. They don't do. They have internet on island left on the island. They never left guyanese stock lose aby got. I feel like it'd be calm. Okay let me remind you that you are not sitting at the are you done. Are you done with your feet in silence. Ab thirty seconds to mars show is going to do it again. Trying to make a point in. What's happening here. I said he can go a go ahead. Okay yeah no. I don't think there's technology. God one more outburst from you and i will hold you in contempt and turn your mic off. Go ahead technology on that island. It's a powerpoint of jared leto explaining why he was a good joker I don't think there's any debating that is a call that being said. I rest my case. I would like to know that the attributes that makes a call. You know what i mean. I feel like i was i was mike turned off over that. Wait there's gotta be like a psychological analysis of this year a be like there's certain characteristics that defined colt like behavior. Do we have anything like that. I mean i told the definition and a cold right here. Let's right at A relatively small group of people having religious beliefs or practices regarded by others strange or sinister. It's pretty good but you. Can you reread that as we look at slide thirty-seven i feel like that sums it up perfectly all those photos outside them. But i think you're talking about this one. Yeah it's pretty colty..

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