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I know. Anyway, pick number 19, overall consensus. Where were we? Yes. Pick number 19 in rookie dynasty drafts Jalen tolbert from Dallas, too high, too low or about right. He's a rookie that doesn't have to carry the water in Dallas because he's the number two wide receiver. That was outstanding. Oh, thank you. Injuries all over the place. It looks like he's going to. Wow. These cats carrying, that's the water right there. I didn't know we were in a pool, though. Tolbert's going to have the chance to start opposite CD lamb right away in a pretty good offense and so far he's impressed in camp. He's getting first team reps the whole time. There's a lot of wide receivers we've talked about that won't slide into nearly an every down roll like tolbert will. So I think he's going a little bit too low here. Not a little bit for me. What did you say 19? I haven't met 12 in my records. So I have a lot too low. Yeah. I think we all agree that the opportunity is so good for James. He's good. It's not just opportunity. He's good too. In a different year, it will use third rounder, I believe. In a different year, he probably would have been a second rounder and it was a deep draft. But it's so much a fantasy football and especially rookie receivers about opportunity. He will hit the field as a starter very probably with one. Gallup's still in pupae. 20th pick overall in rookie dynasty drafts, David bell from Cleveland, speaking of opportunity. Sure. It's going to be him trying to fight off Devin duverne duverney and stuff like that. That's it. It's opportunity. He's a good receiver. It's opportunity there. I have him. It looks like exactly in this spot or one away, so I think it's about right. The 21st pick of The Rookie dynasty drafts by consensus is zamir white from Las Vegas. This is a pick you're making for next year. I think it might be too low just because of the Jacobs might leave. I don't it running backs rarely get traded because they're not much of a commodity. You don't get it. No, I mean, after the year. This is last year. It's his last year on the contract. Okay, now I'm with you. I thought you meant in season. Yes. I was going along with your next year thing. Got it. If you're taking this for next season because it is a painfully crowded backfield, not only is there Josh Jacobs, but you've got Kenyan Drake. They brought in Brandon Bolden. They drafted zamir white. And white to me does not look aunt Amir Abdul, I'll throw him in there too as a passing down guy and he scored on the Thursday night Hall of Fame game, not that that means a lot. But then again, just Jacob's got a bunch of shocking amount of work. I think 5 carries in that game. White doesn't look to me to have the build of a workhorse back ever. And that part worries me, but at least you're not paying a first round price like James cook, who also to me does not look like a workhorse back. So I think this is about the right spot for zamir white, but you have to be willing to sit on him for a good year, I believe. The 22nd selection, this would be pick number ten in the second round, is Trey McBride, our first tight end. He's an Arizona. Is that too high too low or about right, Matt? I think it's too high. It was a bad tight end draft and McBride was the best of them, but he joins a Cardinals team with just a log jam in front of him both at tight end and overall in the receiving position. Zach Ertz and max Williams sit in front of him on the depth chart for the tight end and the Cardinals have four, maybe 5 wide receivers that are going to be drafted in your fantasy league. McBride won't see the field very much. So if you've got a spot that you can hold onto him for a year, maybe two years, it's a really deep dynasty draft, then go ahead and draft him, but I just don't think he's going to get the opportunity. Yeah, and that may be that may be a significant issue for him. The timeline is too far out for me. Yeah. It's always a slow timeline with tight ends are almost always. This is going to be a very slow one, unfortunately. The second to last pick of the second round in our dynasty rookie draft by consensus, you guys are all selecting Wendell Robinson from the Giants. Yeah, I was the guy who was in on one day Robinson early. I liked him. He's really small. That's a concern. Players that his height and weight generally don't hit the NFL. I've kind of soured a little bit just because he's a slot receiver on the Giants offense with like 14 slot receivers. And a whole mess there. That's not exactly the most high octane thing that the bills or the Cardinals would achieve or whatever. So I actually have pushed him down in the second round. I'd rather have guys like, you know, I guess jelani Woods maybe or Romeo dubs or even an interesting one is Kyle Phillips moving up, who is basically taken over the starting slot receiver job in Tennessee. I have one day on the second round now, but not too far down. I worry there's just too many miles to feed and with the Giants. You haven't even mentioned a quarterback yet. Not two rounds of ADP. And rightfully so in my opinion. I don't have any problem with that. Final guy we'll talk about the last player in the taken in the second round of dynasty empire drafts. San Francisco rookie running back, Tyrion Davis price. He's tall. He's fast. He was productive at LSU. And Eliza Mitchell has is the clear starter there, but we saw Mitchell breakdown, they're going to run the ball a ton. And then Shannon is always weird about usage, who goes in, who goes out, you get the feeling at some point, Davis price is going to hit the field as early as this year. He'll hit the field. Shanahan is kind of unlike his dad in the way that he does use a bell cow and he does stick with a guy. It's going to take an injury to Elijah Mitchell for Davis price to really see the field. I think that's safe to say. And I think Trey sermon is not going to be a factor in this, but you're too. Maybe you also never knew no, maybe it's maybe he uses a bell cow like Mitchell and stuff because of what he's had. In Atlanta, in Atlanta, he had devonta Freeman and losing the second running back. He had there that they shared. That one girly was there. Warwick Dunn. No. It's going back aways. I'm not sure you're thinking about, but that's okay. That's all right. Where are you going? Where would you take in a super flex draft chart? Where would you take either of the quarterbacks? Either you think like Malik Willis, can you pick it? Maybe Desmond Ritter. Where would you take those guys in a super flex draft? I think at that point, you're talking early second round. Where I'm taking any of these guys, 'cause I think honestly, I think they're all less than 50% chance. There's, at anyone, even though your favorite quarterback, less than a 50% chance of being a fantasy impact starter, what do you think? Yeah, I think Willis is the guy I kind of like the most, but I think he's got the toughest road to overcome with Tannehill there. I think that's safe to say. By the way, devonta Freeman with about a thousand yards, having Coleman was 6, 700. And then he brought Kevin Coleman to San Fran. Fantastic. Yeah. It's fantasy football weekly when we come back. We will talk through three tough questions. It's the game that you get to play along and see if you can go three and O with our panel of experts.

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