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Kick ass band. Loretta used to be a bashful girl from the mountains. WHO's only dream was a comfortable house for her family. She grew a lot. She learned a lot. She stuck up for herself in her career. She's grateful for the benefits her family has enjoyed because of her property prosperous career, and at the time of writing the book, she said, she just wanted to put her life in God's hands. She wanted to give more people in two more people in need she wanted to travel more, and as she says, I love to work more with the American Indians people. That's. How she said in Nineteen, seventy five. So she finished her book knowing that it wasn't the end of her story but that there was more to come Loretta, is the most awarded Female Country Recording artist has gorge twenty four number one singles eleven number one albums she continued to tour for many years appearing at the Grand Ole opry and releasing new albums in Nineteen Eighty Eight Loretta was inducted into the Country Music Hall of fame she returned to the public eye and nineteen ninety-three with the hit trio album honky tonk angels recorded with Dolly Parton and Tammy Wynette. Thousand and Two Thousand Loretta released her first album in several years called still country in which she included. I. Can't hear the music a tribute song to her late husband doolittle who had passed away. Yeah. She releases her first new single and more than ten years from the album country in my genes and the single charted on the billboard country singles chart and made Loretta the first woman in country music to chart singles in five decades in two thousand and two. Loretta published her second on Biographies Still Woman Enough, and it became her second New York Times Bestseller, and then in two thousand and four, she published a cookbook you're cooking it country. Great it was. Any world. Davis in that one OH. Good question I hope. I hope. For she released Leer Rose Ryan mentioned in. It was the first episode and this is the second album on which she either Cole wrote or sang every song. So the album was produced by Jack White and featured guitar backup vocals by him. Her collaboration with Jack garnered her high praise in magazines that specialize in mainstream and alternative rock. So she was in spin and blender rolling stone voted the album the. Second. Best, of two thousand and four, and it won the Grammy Award for best country album of the year. So in late two, thousand and ten Sony Music released a new album titled Culminates Daughter Tribute Loretta Lynn featuring stars like Reba mcentire, Faith Hill Paramour Carrie Underwood and they were performing Loretta is classic hits Spanning Fifty Years Laura. Recorded with Miranda Lambert Sheryl Crowe. that single cracked the billboard singles chart, and so made her the only female country artist to chart in six decades. So Thousand Nineteen lifetime aired the highly anticipated movie Patsy and Loretta, which highlighted the friendship of Lynn and Patsy Kline. So the right of Lynn? She attended the Nashville release of the film and that's about up to date on what what's been going on. So there's so much more you can go in like you can watch those movies. You can read all those book but that was that this is the end of our two part special of Loretta Lynn. My goodness I love her so much and I love all of her songs. I'm so excited I'm going to rewatch coal miner's daughter and I had no idea. They made a movie about her and Patsy. So that's definitely something I want to check out his wall. Wow, thank you so much for this. This was like this was a fantastic way to do a two parter She certainly deserved. She deserved it. Okay Great I'm glad that you enjoyed it. I hope all the there enjoyed it and hope that you're having an amazing summer. Thank you so much for listening. Go and check out all of our past episodes were were into August I am assuming. So you know I think it's a good time to listen to all of our elvis episodes. Oh. Yeah. That's right. Yeah. And check out your Dolly Parton episode to because that one was great. Yeah. Why not that was you know what? That one I think people are saying people have said that they could go for another Dolly episode because I only highlighted jet very much like Loretta had such a rich early life that I, really only got into Hurley stuff right? You could definitely do a part to on Dolly as well. Yeah. We did hank. Williams too. So a couple of people mentioned in this we've covered and. Yeah, plenty more to check out as you said in part one. For our patron members, you gotTa pull up for your next episode. So if you guys want to be part of our decision making over here, sign up and let us know what you're thinking. Yeah. Links has got a couple of options. Maybe she'll throw a poll up there and you can vote on Lynxes next episode. Yeah I'll do that for sure. All right well, that's it. Everybody thinks so much for listening wear sunscreen stay hydrated and we love you see a becks time. On. A map. Bonds meal. What? On Matt Daddy's knee. Listen. To the story said he to. 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