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So here's what you're going to do. Here is the first list of the ingredients for the Margarita that was given to me by the place that I go to here it is. Here's a recipe, and that I will give you my recipe one out of tequila. A half out of triple sec a half ounce of lime juice a drop of a vase syrup and then a half out of grandma. Now to make this drink. What you're going to do is you're gonna take your tequila. Triple sec, you're lime juice and after you put that avai syrup in a microwave for ten seconds. You don't have to this. You can just use your garbage or it's just a little thicker, and then you can put this in your shaker, and you're gonna shake that up. I shake it for ten to fifteen seconds. That's me. Then if you have a stranger you just Reiner or if your protein, shake or just open that little cap, pour that into your low ball glass, there, you have your basics for the Margarita then yard or you already have your rim salted then you're gonna pour your half ounce of grandma on Yale on top. When you do this. You have kind of like a clear kind of hazy mixture inside the glass, and it's because you've got to key triple second lime juice, which almost all is clear. But then when you float that half ounce of grandma jail on top is kind of orange or brownish in color. And it sits on top, and it just kind of trip trickles down to the bottom of the glass and just puts that different layer. And there it kind of gives it a little bit of textured flavor, in my opinion, and that is basically their recipe for Margarita. And that's what I based my experimentation on now when I went into this formulation of my own recipe. You know, I thought they were using a shot glass was an ounce and half turns out. It was an Ouch. I have this big ass shot glass, which is actually two ounces a measured it, and it was a shot glass. It was given to me by the three and twenty band when I was interviewing those guys down in Georgia Femina redneck on away back today. So that is the basic recipe right there. That's the basic recipe. I was given this is what I deviated to default to or concocted to become. My own. This is the ingredients for the brokers. Go ranch Margarita as I know it I'm using two ounces a patrol on tequila silver. I'm using about a half to three quarter ounces shade. Under three ounces of triple sec. I'm using a half ounce to three quarters of an ounce of lime juice. I'm using that squirt of a guy into a paper bowl, which I nuke for ten seconds. Put this all and a shaker full of ice. I've already got my glass ready with my rocks in it. Fresh rocks. We're not gonna use the same rocks that we shake in. I've always salted my rim. I shake the shit out some bench up on top of the fresh rocks. And then I use a half outs two maybe three quarters of an ounce of grandma which sprinkle in a circular fashion on top of that drink, then it trickles down and from there. Just let that summit sit there for. For second. And I realized that I have created the perfect broken skull ranch, Margarita and the way these ingredients shake out. I was making some down in Texas less time. I was down there visiting my folks, and I was telling my brother Kevin about this recipe. And he goes man, I've been looking for a good Margarita recipe, but I don't like mine too. Sweet. So I've got on Wikipedia I've gone onto the internet and put in Margarita recipes, and they're selling the just one of us, you know, like some lime juice to Quila, and maybe some triple sec or maybe some people just like every now, and then I'll just do, you know, tequila and lime juice. That's every now, and then, but when I went to full blown bad ass Margarita. This is exact Margarita that drink. You.

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