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Up to 25 cents per gallon. No matter where you fill up, download the app or visit gasbuddy dot com. Gasbuddy Fuel Better Futon and Katie are news. Today. 109 high Tomorrow 111. Although we have a slight chance of storms today to be mostly sunny, sunny tomorrow as it will be probably right on through the rest of the week with highs between 1 11 and 1 15 Your weather is brought to you by Howard Air. Now. Time for sports. Here's Paul Calvi see until the D'backs erupted for two runs in the eighth and then two more in the 19 The offense was testing negative for hits, runs and wins ground ball right side through base and cancer will start from second. That was top nine. David Peralta with the game saving catch. Bottom nine. Know how slow start and everything, but I know it's going to come. I know what I could do. I know when the team that's gonna do D'backs rally for their first win of the season after two lackluster losses in San Diego for three or fine On a game or Torrey Lovell will begin the first manager to be ejected in the cove at 19 ERA. Speaking of breaking news this morning as a DME or Marlins players and two coaches of tested positive that is a total of 14 cases for a widespread break out that is horrifying for major league baseball that less than a week into the season be an outbreak inside of one of their clubhouses. That is Jeff Passan, ESPN insider this morning. More counties drama GM John Chica is out ownership. I'm not happy using that four letter word. Quit in a scathing statement last fall check had signed a contract extension through 2024 for the full story. Good airs on a Sports Dotcom Sohn second exhibition.

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