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You're talking about two things about it and again. We'll ask dr greg barnett about one. Seventy percent is still really good by the way most flu. Vaccines fifty and that sort of thing number two The seventy percent relates to getting symptoms. It doesn't relate to accept illness which is eighty five percent and third. It's in a different environment with a far more contagious era. Than when the maderna's in the the pfizer's were tested so actually. I had the same impression you had the seven. Seventy percent was far worse. In fact it is terrific. It's not fast. Shouldn't be upset. Johnson and johnson also. It's a single dose. A so any case joe. I'm sorry a hell up. John quincy high. That's quite all right. I hope you're doing well today. We are young i. I was fortunate in that. I was able to find appointment for my in laws at walgreens actually in boston for this afternoon only because they were walgreens was kind of flying under the radar for a day or so on thursday when they will this out but my question. Maybe you can find out an answer to this I don't understand why we're not using the bc. The convention center and is our masters of boston area Vaccination site with the thing that disturbs me about fenway. And reggie lewis is there's basically no parking and The bbc has a huge parking lots. I believe that it's dormant. I don't think they have any real there's no conventions going on now. And i'm sure. Greatest fenway i imagine. Wally greet you at the door. And maybe you can buy a hotdog afterwards. But it's still out in the freezing cold. they're doing it by the concession stands. I believe underneath. It's actually well. It's they they from what i've read In the concourses and their heaters so their their position is that people will stay relatively warm. They're not out in the cold like on your while. It's not called yawkey way jersey street or whatever they'll it's gold anymore but you make a wonderful point that seems to be a fabulous location. I don't know why and we will try to ask the appropriate people. Joe so keep listening. That's actually a pretty good site marguerite on your thank. Thank you joe for your call. Do use convention center southbound. Yeah it's it's it's huge and it does have a lot of parking. That's a great point jillian and rossignol. Thank you for calling. You only have forty five seconds truly. Sorry i'll get it out. First of all i'm a time listener first-time caller and i love you. Guys feel like your family. So thank you for the last word. Q. actually I'm grateful because this. Morning i got my vaccine at fenway park to just went to a huge Shoutout to the crew there. Cic and cataldo did. An awesome job was well organized. It was calm. It was.

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