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Vintage model on EBay. Oh, so you can make your tablet looked like a trapper keeper. That's pretty cool or keeper. Next is Lisa Frank goodies. Back in the day girls had to have anything in everything. Lisa Frank stickers. Folders notebooks? And yes, trapper keepers. What's that? I don't know. Because one I'm not a girl. The girls had to have everything in anything. Lisa frank. The stickers folders notebooks and trapper keepers. It was very like a lot of rainbow colors and a lot of exaggerated dogs and turtles and things. Like that. You might recognize it if you saw at least Franken is is a Frank is. Okay. All right. Lisa Frank designed those things. Okay. And they were very popular. How about Yikes pencils? I do. Not remember. Yikes. Pencils? Why I e s. Yikes pencils. These pencils were so much better than your typical. Number two. They had personality coming in many different shapes and patterns as the nineteen Ninety-three commercial points out. You can't look sharp with dole pencils key finding that commercial, Dan. Nineteen Ninety-three commercial for Yikes pencils? They're not made anymore, but you can still find your pencils on EBay. They're sure to be some conversation starters around the office. I don't know. I don't even know Michael I was out of school by nineteen Ninety-three. I wasn't in school anymore. So that's probably why I don't know. What what? Yikes pencils are. But they had different shapes and patterns. Hey, dude. Close you need to change it. Only pencils. As unique as year pencils and erasers without. That goes straight to the core. Because you can't live sharp with doll pencils? Sorry. Dad? Takes can't work miracles. They right like other hands. They.

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