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It's like superman and lois lane being gone both both both both are now gone she she was she was going to be the red fig and the day margaret koetter passed away that's what i thought when she she passed away today when i saw that articles like men fuck i forgot christopher reeve was gone to love taryn that in superman i love both that raspy voice but was so weird both of them to me were amazing perfect in that like every fact every superman since has been shitty yes that's a big three has been boring she was like cool and weird like doug i dug her whole duct both of them i think the who'd be great at it john ham i think johnny would rate superman he would he was the thing with christopher rees though is he was just like so good looking as well as well as like a little bit funny and like you know what i mean where jon hamm yeah so i yeah john hammond begun i did two movies with brandon ralph the guy who played superman when they re did it for the first time like maybe ten super nice guy but but not very superman too they get them they get them now real boring they're like certain way and then just be boring henry ca veal is that his name or cavalry whatever the fuck he's the superman now he asked then all of the marvel thing.

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