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I've I've learned this because Jonathan Frakes who was Reicher in nexgen directed three of our episodes now, and he's become a friend. And he was he and others on gen we're advocating for at least some kind of representation at some point. And I guess it was the network alternately. That was just you know, balking at it. And. Yeah. I mean that was whatever thirty years ago. So it's a different era. But finally, it it took too long for Star Trek to catch up. But when they did catch up they did it so fully that it's been it's been kind of amazing in the response from the fan community. I mean, everyone's while we still get role Wilson Cruz, and I still get like like vomit emojis Twitter like they'll grab my chest. Hurt you say that Star Trek CBS, the which is the official discovery Twitter Twitter account will like post a picture a gif of us doing something. And then there'll be a lot of like, incredible sport. And then one or two like, this isn't real Star Trek, you know. Stuff like that. So, but that is really minimal. Absolutely. Thank you for telling me that because I didn't know, and that's great to hear. There's so much more of the people who and it's not just there's there. There's a big community of the phantom. I think that have are in have been LGBT forever, and we're hungry and wanting this kind of representation that's been really cool to see them respond and embrace us for this. But there's also a lot of allies tons of allies who feeling really we're expressing how happy they are for this to be there to now. That's awesome. Also, I mean, I'm so glad it's you in and Wilson Cruz because I think you you both have had such like long interesting careers like it's in your in your both really out. I think that's also pretty fun to like that. It's just too pretty out actor. Because that would you know that would also feel really different if it was. For me. It was a straight present that was hired than like, oh, we're going to break this barrier. But we're going to do it in like a stumped cast away that doesn't feel. I mean Wilson somebody that was particularly important in my life to and his role on my so colo- has Ricky was I think really like the first one of the first times, I saw anybody onscreen the. Was telling like a queer story in it's in his character was so like lovable on that show. I got to do stand up in front of him years ago. And now is such a fun..

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