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It's five thirty eight to and we do have several issues along seventy five in, Dallas here leadoff rainy. Fuller northbound seventy five before six thirty five. Dollars an accident two left lanes are blocked in, the backup you've got some. Slow moving traffic to SMU. Boulevard just behind this another accident northbound seventy five. At Mockingbird it's in the left lane. With a delayed fits you southbound seventy. Five before fits you an accident is in the left lane actually two left lanes traffic is stop and go in the backup from Park Lane and eastbound. At seventy five and accident is blocking two left. Lanes there it's heavy onto southbound thirty-five from Oaklawn south west Alice westbound twenty mountain creek Parkway that multiple car crash is now. Clear in north west Dallas still dealing with this accident eastbound one eighty three approaching Mockingbird that involves in eighteen Wheeler ended dump. Truck and only the left lane is able to get through so that's causing some pretty heavy backups into Irving along one Eighty three to about Carl road and one fourteen from. Rochelle now northbound I thirty five just before walnut hill there's an accident in the left lane. And that stacking. Traffic back to the Harry Hines exit you may want to go ahead and take that use Harry Hines to get around or you can take, old Denton road that's. Also creating a delay onto northbound loop twelve. Pass north west highway to the trinity river now, eastbound six hundred five at. Mont for this accident did. Clear however it's still a really long unwinding delay. That stretches all the way back to. The Bush turnpike in Irving and in. Addison southbound on the tollway Keller springs that disabled vehicle completely gone along with the delays on northbound I thirty five w. dealing with a problem Julian Rogers. We'll tell you more about it all it's going. To be northbound thirty five as you approach the far street exits and we've got what we had two left lanes blocked looks. Like they're moving that over trying to get it to the far left shoulder we're going to see some standstill delays beyond I. Thirty over to about the Pennsylvania bridge elsewhere thirty five south South at one seventy way in the north Fort Worth area it's it's an accident that just cleared altogether so that's some good news because that was holding things up from alliance boulevard and now what you're going to see is just normal rush hour delays heading. Down towards, the north Tarrant Parkway or so if. You're coming north you do have some stop and go from western center up to northern Parkway delay eastbound six hundred five right around. Jupiter if you have details on this you can call us two and four thousand. Nine ten eighty I'm Angela chase your next report at five forty eight and breaking traffic alerts. And they happen A nice.

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