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Sports law right now at the same time you. Have this busy Hoppy on the. Weekends tell about your latest racing pursuits how you doing on the, track yeah you know so we're out there we just had our fourth race. Which is pretty amazing how well we're doing considering this is. The fourth time I've ever driven a race car We got our fifth race coming up and actually we've had some listeners stop by and the pits afterwards Aw yeah gentlemen come by and and he said it, was, like I. Heard you on the radio show. Love the show and wanted to, come by and say. Hi so anyway great to have him come by I think it was a carburetor Mike was his name Mike if, you're, listening thank you So anyway we were doing so good last week and we were running sixth fastest in practice qualified on the pole for the. Dash and coming out of turn one we were leading and then going into when I came back around the track, going back into overdrive the corner just a little bit in. The car wouldn't hold the bottom we're having. A little bit of a challenge keep the car down low so pushed up just a, little kind of left an opening which basically caused, us to go three wide now you don't go, three? Wide and a heat, race right I. Didn't know that but you do it's. Kind of a rule of, thumb she'd done k. three. Y but we went through what so I'm sandwiched in the middle gave plenty of room to the guy in the bottom. And the, guy in the top but unfortunately the guy in the bottom decided that. Eight wheels turn better than four so he, slammed his car. Into me Look at the picture and he is literally splitting between the low and the high line and you're like buddy you gotta stay. On the line of do that but just over drove the corner hit me Mike car starts to slide hit the, car up top sends me to a slide now headed towards. The wall I managed to save it keep. Going without spending the photos you literally see my car sliding sideways like eighty miles an, hour oh ma'am but I saved it and jump, back on it and anyway so we were running, so? Good really fast we, had a chance. To win that dash but then it. Bent up a bunch of, stuff so by the time. We got to the main event it was just a hot nest out there couldn't keep the car down couldn't get back. On the, throttle bent a bunch of stuff up but at the end of the. Day you know that's racing era crashes Trashes, you get people who make mistakes you get people like me who have. To recover from their mistakes and they actually posted it on Facebook. Page says I can't believe you're able, to save, this one great driving As I said they thought it, was gonna turn out disastrous which for about three seconds I Same. Thing And then I was able to.

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