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Woman says she used a Metallica song to scare off a cougar the gallon so she was walking her dog outside Duncan BC last week when she noticed they were being followed by a cougar and she told Victoria news that she quickly rifled through or I tunes and found Metallica's don't tread on me which what she says was the noisiest thing on our phone so she said as soon as the first notes blared out the cougar ran off she added I would love to contact them some day until James Hetfield that he saved my life I went to a Metallica concert with my son you did a one time I did bad news I didn't know there were so many different forms of head banging you know and I think that would be an amazing a shampoo commercial it certainly would kind of like my first time in a mosh pit all right well we have this one for you he says he might have another album coming out soon last year's album Egypt station was McCartney's first number one album since nineteen eighty four people telling the mayor that writing music is still a thrill that's great too that hopefully he'll have something new out soon my son was playing the opening for presidents of the United States of America back at central and Elon hiring love to hand so we were front row and suddenly found ourselves in the mosh pit interesting add you I mean did you do did you Bob up and down what age eleven other my wife and future dial you're kidding aside I've done and I've lost shoes it's it's interesting so well.

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