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Hi, don. I'm going to go down over being sick all week. Log sorry that been Medicated all week. So we'll see if it continues starting to come down last Saturday mentioning after the show. Yup. Lingering. So I'll be tomorrow hopefully out of twin peaks and oakbrook from nine to noon doing our pre game before the bears in the Packers in Bangalore, twin peaks, you came out the one we did last week out in Orland park at gave Sustauskas pack them in your lap. People out there watching games, my buddy, Tom Kelly was out there. And the the wrong team kept winning. Wagers in fact, that that same twin peaks Orland park on LaGrange road south of town there boom by one hundred and sixty third or whatever the four days earlier than when I tell you. I guess it was like a couple of days Friday. It's Friday a week ago. Friday Carmen in New York. Oh, I saw. And as you know, some people just standing off to the side. Remember the title of the Steve Stone a book? Yes. I do. Okay. Yeah. I think that was tongue in cheek is. I think I really irritated. Yeah. Young Steve's go somewhere. No, one would say, hey, Steve how you doing Harry? So actually named his book after that. Okay. So first time I'm standing. Fred. I get it Stony. Yeah. Right. He'll be here on Sunday. Jesse Rogers joins us shortly. Right back on the bears. And our guys say Jessie joins us at eleven. But I got a little message from Joe, I guess he's got a little scoop. Doc. Okay. Remember, all the publicity that the Joel Madden. Got this week says I'm reading millennials for dummies, right? To learn about the millennials. Remember that Jesse Natta? The not verified this. Joel madden. He's giving for I guess for Christmas is giving got twenty five thirty books in his passing these out to all the cubs player. Okay. For christmas. Title baby boomers for dummies. Well, the funny thing is most of the ball players aren't even millennials are younger than that. Yeah. So yeah. But anyway. Joe? Jim violent what if he passed out books. You know? Boylan? That'd be bummer. Doing my way baby boomers firm for dummies. Yeah. I don't know if it's gonna work. That's no good. I don't know if I would work. Maybe if you put it in maybe audio version, they might they might. I don't I don't see him sitting down and actually reading a book able to transfer to their kindles back onto bears bid. I let's bring in. Let's bring in Strauss..

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