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The marius thomas has a floor that is i mean when you talk four you're talking about what's the lowest they're going to finish and i believe mike right has him were aimed as kind of you know when we rate we do that average that medium this is a round where they'll finish i think he has a marine ct below where his floor is and and here's the case damaris thomas is a career wide receiver one in fantasy football now i understand that the peyton manning evidence is inflammatory and intended to cause prejudice okay we can throw that out i mean sure three great years with peyton manning where he finished as the fifth best wide receiver the first best wide receiver and the second best wide receiver in fancy football he doesn't happy manning anymore but you cannot deny the damaris thomas himself has the talent to finish as a as the number one wide receiver invisible because he's done it he just doesn't now have the quarterback to get that done however we cannot throughout that final year of peyton manning and we cannot throw out perac osweiler the worst quarterback that has gotten play in the nfl in recent memory during that year where brock was better than peyton manning he finished as the wide receiver eleven so he was still a wide receiver one during that time and then last year you come into a season where you didn't know who is going to be the starting quarterback they didn't have him on the roster they were expecting to have brock osweiler brock osweiler wyler winter texas and they had to fall on a previous draft pick in the seventh round a guy who had only played one snap in the nfl before so for all intents purposes he was a rookie his one snap was to neil the ball down get that's all trevor semi and had ever done.

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