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Is unfortunate actually when there are simple non surgical solutions that can put snoring problems too bad for good I'm doctor Marvin candle were exclusive focus is the nose and throat which is exactly where your story problems come from twenty years ago you told me I'd be healthy relationships for six and a flat but in many cases that is the case because helping your bed partner stop snoring so the two of you can get back to sleeping together again can do just that and offers every effective snoring and sleep apnea treatment available so good ad that knows dot com to schedule your appointment because advent knows when you breathe well you live that god shows us the different kind of love it's love for the world that is not of this world love that is focused outward love that gives without requiring anything in return Dr Michael Ziggler talks about that love and how to put it into practice this week on the Lutheran hour Sunday mornings at six thirty six twenty double T. M. J. it's Ronda ready user number eight six.

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