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And tell me why you're excited to have the Teddy Roosevelt. Presidential library in the park. I am like popping my buttons excited. For As long as I can remember a thing for me, I'd go on hockey trips like you know, the university North Dakota hockey team playing Lost the university, for instance, the northeastern and I get in a cab or getting a train. And go find a presidential library like the JFK Library just outside Boston. Go to see me Valley, California just outside Los Angeles High atop a hill, the Ronald Reagan presidential Library. Or he's he's buried. We will have a presidential library, one of 19 of its kind in the entire country. This is not a check out a book kind of library. This is not a always in that neat kind. I'm out of here. Museum. This is All things tiny Roosevelt. People from all over the world who want to study his presidency and the man coming to this place and all of us having the opportunity to see these amazing Artifacts. They bring us the best of the best. They're working on a design right now, Um Expecting that there will be a formal arrangement between the library and the park, so it will be in the park That's never happened anywhere else like before. I'm just excited, very excited about So If you do that. Today during the show. I'm going to text you back and say, what do you want? Passes for the Theodore Roosevelt. Named Bully Pulpit Golf course. We're four tickets to the Medora musical. More for the musical, too, for golf at Teddy Roosevelt. National Park right there, Amador. Just so beautiful. So you just tell me What you like about Teddy Roosevelt in a video selfie video sent it to me. And why you're excited about the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library. Text it to me at 70136720547013672054 Or you can email That's that's easier. Scott agent Flagg family dot com Scott Agent Flagg family dot com. My question of the day. Is who should decide for you. You don't want to talk about today. Who should decide for you. Decide what Well, where your kids go back to school. I should decide that You should design that parents. I would think. Okay. In other words, if I feel I feel I feel concerned about the environment school to keep him home with my son. How about whether or not the school opens or not? Who should decide that? Good question. I think it ought to be people that I elect to a scoreboard. I vote for them. They govern this rule. Good point. I think it should be a superintendent who makes a lot of money. Super tense make out of that money. You know that? I mean, if you look at the if you look at jobs in a community superintendents rank right up there university presidents rank right up there. I mean, these are big salary jobs. Why? We pay them to do a job. Taxpayers pay them. Property taxes come Off of your property. To pay them to make decisions. In concert, obviously with the school board. Now we have a state superintendent, public instruction to her credit, Kirsten Bassler said. School should should decide. Right? The governor's waited on this, the president has said school show open Now I think the president giving his opinion is fine. Not saying school's open schools closed. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I don't even think Governor should I think they can inform the decision and say Here's the information Now..

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