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I mean you know. R kelly. Aside i believe i can fly was an massive hit and and very well placed in the film and as just like that's how people remember space jam and that's not going to be the case for this when i think no. I think you're right although there's like big artists on the sound i mean. There's there's a little baby little. Wayne chance the rapper. John legend woah dog by the name of dame dollar. Not sure who he is into this John legend song tessie crowd go crazy by john. Legend just put it on the house and vibe. No i i heard it once i think but i guess it just kinda floated by me like i like everything in the soundtrack is true. I think any of it and it could be that. There are awesome songs on the soundtrack. Glad they weren't mixed in very well. Because i don't remember anything Yeah well that's the top. Five one star reviews first-base germany legacy at least according to me in a quick glance there imdb. So let's get your thoughts. Does anybody give it higher than a one. I will tell you critic score on rotten tomatoes based off of approximately one hundred and fifty reviews as a recording. This thirty two percent quite low. They're for this movie audience score though. Don't you worry off. A five hundred. Plus verified ratings eighty-one percent so the audience overall thinking. This is a an above average movie. Hell maybe even a in their mind. The critics say thirty two percent. So le- let's start with you on a scale of one to ten one being obviously garbage ten being the greatest movie. You've ever seen right up there with mrs doubtfire. How do you rate space germany. Look this is a tough one because my two boys give it both a five star rating. Which is the highest writing. You can give it anything. I give it. I give it a zero so Combine those two. They get ten like he gets a tim. So it's a ten out of ten. I guess i haven't given one zero compliance. I say dividing up five plus five ten zero still chad three year out. Almost thirty three percent right on par with rotten tomatoes added denominator. Yeah i like because because my kids enjoyed it. I wanted to say you know what. Then it's fine. It was just gonna ask you to watch this again. Oh yeah definitely and you will not be around when they watch it. No i will be if we want to watch space jam again but not this one. This one i just like. Is this just not enough. If there's no nothing there you know space. Jam was space jam by comparison. The godfather right now did fish into our archives of minus talking about that a long time ago now but okay hold on. What's your score giving. I don't care about your kids. Zero zero zero zero. I can't give it a vote. Gotta give it a point. I kinda give. It was terrible it was. It was one of those ones where i was like. I'm on a train. i'd rather just have no internet. No devise nothing at the back. And here's exactly yeah. No air conditioning sweating boiling out green light yet. I'd rather do that than have to watch this again. This was. I would say the worst movie i've ever seen would be the guardian with ashton kucher and kevin costner. I would say over guardian would say this is possibly bumping out. Go spurt twos in there as well. That's terrible movie. Connie that's in the air but guy likes giving his kids lessons like where you just done. After two days of lego land. Like i kids that lesson. I'm done i do too. But i again i just sort of. I was not expecting this on the on the on the environment in there's going to be an easy to as an easy watch a fun watch if he lost instead of just like come on. That's fine thank you. I think that's a fair tape. It's not that funny. It really isn't is not a lot of jokes in it and they're like you said. Tk that only like really basketball signals..

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