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Hey there freedom fighters my name is andrew warner i'm the founder of mixer g where i think i think i think i do interviews with entrepreneurs where i am empathic where i get to because we've got biddy turn on i know most of you don't watch video but i do because i've got video i think that i can find the spots in the entrepreneur's story where we can go deeper were they're comfortable saying things that they would feel uncomfortable in any other situation and still when i interviewed brandon evans a few weeks ago i found out afterwards from the person who introduced us that i was being week that i didn't ask about how he got fired that i didn't ask enough about his divorce that i didn't ask him now off about the transformation that happened in his life and i thought i did a good job brandon i thought that as i was looking at you and talking to you about your divorce i could've sworn that i saw something in your face set andrew back off i'm not gonna give you anything it's not comfortable and i could've sworn the same thing happened with the divorce and i said you know what i got a solid interview with an entrepreneur who created crowd tap which did influence or marketing that actually worked i talked to him about how he raise millions how he made millions and how it was fired i thought we got some great stuff here if we don't go into the divorce maybe that's okay i don't have to drag people into my personal mission but apparently brennan was willing to go deeper into it than i was apparently i miscalculated and so i invited him back with this premise i said you know what you're entrepeneurship who's been through who has the credibility to talk about the challenges of being as systemized as anal as driven as we are and can talk about how that played a positive role in the challenge of of that and can talk about what happened in your life that caused you to lose this vision of your of yourself which is the perfect wife the perfect business the perfect everything so i invited brandon on here we have no agenda i'm just kind of going to rick with him and understand that of.

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