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Know Paul no thinking about investment bank road executive service people will listen to the show for a long time and you know we've got we've got players who let's say you three four five weeks ago you know free plays on the show this year have been hit in sixty seven sixty eight percent which is unheard of for free games is about on the it was sixty one five on the end on the air guys who will listen now who have played the free plays let's say in the last three or four weeks of now step to executive service and I know you have guys who have gone from executive in three weeks time now playing their second investment bankrolled this weekend with Jimmy in Vegas is that a normal time line let's say three weeks from getting involved with executive plays less of questions to it to Investimento what's that what is that like getting from one to the other well it depends on the time of year you know we don't depend on the player to I would assume yeah absolutely yeah but we try to keep all players exactly the same like we try to understand the concept that we have the still look this some guys out there who print money in a backyard this some guys out there fighting tooth and nail just fighting the good fight did just good honorable hard working guy the women in the workplace was trying to manage and especially the single moms were fighting to the nail on the deal still being a mom and that bread winners we understand everybody's different one size does not fit all but we want to make sure that the games are the same structure for everyone so if your bank was a million dollars or a hundred thousand dollars or ten thousand dollars we can even the same ratio is on the scene games that everybody is playing the key here is very simple it's the time of year sometimes a year that's just on investment Baghel because the information isn't there something like for example this year in August there was no one that's from bangles in August issue but they're one of the following the previous year you know and some baseball games it's just very rather does he's come along when everything is perfect when that perfect and everything is going and the mathematicians love it the handicappers love it the entire staff or an agreement and when you get this many guys in agreement on one game it's very rare did the fights the arguments that happened in the war room will guys a break it down play grades and and and one of the simulations in the run of the algorithms and all those al goals unlike his different formulas Nysted from methodologies when everything's in one place you got a jump on it and it really makes a difference so this time yet it works better so this time yeah there is more investment bank also yes to speak the ants in the now three weeks is a normal time this time yeah there's going to be a lot of investment Baghel between now and February you know twenty eighth bought some other times it was little slow it is in is just you know plug along blowing second executive and when the executive might slow down will slot free picks and free opinions which won't be as strong but you play much much less on those games eight eight eight three six six three seven three three Jimmy tags you deal with investment bankroll players you also do it guys coming over to playing executive service who maybe want to get to that what's the big difference between a guy who comes in and says Hey I'm just one of I'm ready to just play investor bankroll games I'm only plan six figures on the game I'm going right to that but who a guy who's playing exactly Sir was a building is way building is way building is way too it what's the difference between the two I mean the most important difference is the guy that's willing to you know to get to the next level you know right off a jump street this is a guy who's got understands that patience is gonna you know that that's what's going to reward him you know Paul said there could be a time where we don't we don't see a an investment bank rogaine for six weeks then it could be you know a two or three weeks stretch where we can get two or three does gain Saddam bottom line is that you know as long as you're willing you know to keep your hands in your pocket and not make any you know all you know foolish moves on on your own behalf then is this so many opportunities here to make money and like we said I'm gonna say it again and I'll say it now until winded less is more on all world anybody won the stands what I mean by that is that you don't have to bed every day to be successful in our world but more importantly listen I got a game today and I we haven't even talked about this on a show I'm gonna tell people I'm gonna tell people point blank right now I usually I get a game today I got an out right on the dog when I should say out right on the because it's going to be a big underdog but I wouldn't be surprised if they won the game out records that number is going to be so good for them and so enticing for us to take a piece of our money and put it towards that but more importantly okay well Paul's got for tomorrow is he's got something that you got to take advantage of as well because we put these two games to get this could be the perfect storm these games going to mesh is an apple today my game today it's going to be perfect I mean and plus it is Monday night as well so it would be my game today Jimmy's game say there's no reason not to get involved we absolutely could not love the game while look I know for a fact you know between the Baltimore nine again which I know I can't miss that game and I mean this from the bottom my heart guys I don't love that game I love the with all my heart I like I.

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